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A.B.A. (On the way to the hospital~)

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Hello, My name is nathan, I would make a short entry here and label myself like "gamer" or "nerd" or "punk-rock indie metalhead techno-beat rocker music lover" but my life, and in honesty... noones life is that simple.

I could list all my favorite bands and movies and pointless other interests noone bothers to read.

I could act like I am original yet post countless stupid pictures that polute every other page here on elfpack, stupid one-liners, retarded quizzes noone will bother to fill out unless you are a so-called "hot chick" or that fucking idiotic ASCII art of a bat or a potleaf or "gasp" a middle finger!!

I could pretend like I hate life and everything in my life is pointless, but somehow I still exist, though i could kill myself at any time and I choose to remain with the living.

I could thank god for everything man has done to better the way we live and help others, and blame everything I don't like on the "devil" and continue to live like a sheep, blind to all that happens beyond my scope of reality, led along by the almighty "shepherd" because I am too stupid to open my eyes and walk for myself.

I could be shallow and refuse to see people for who they are, betray my friends as long as society doesnt consider them "cool" and see women as boobs and asses

I could live in my room and only take off my headset to go grab a bottle of mountain dew out of the fridge while my buddies wait for me to get back so we can defeat that level 78 dragon and hopefully get the mithril armor drop

I could pretend to be deep and quote famous authors and musicians only to alienate myself from actual intellectualls for being a douchebag, and from idiots for insulting them

I could be someone I am not, but I don't

I am, in a sense, nothing at all, because I have no label, I am no one person, I am me...

I am flawed, I am gifted, I am good and sometimes I am evil, some people, well most people seem to have trouble being the friend of someone as honest as me. though I won't say I don't lie

I admit by society's standards I am strange, I feel stronger than "normal" people

I cry at movies, I am a 20 year-old male with no interest in "getting laid" I have a broken heart yet I refuse to give up on love, even though I have never had my first kiss

I am emotional but I won't look past telling someone to fuck off unless they want broken teeth, though I don't ever wish to fight I know I could if need be.

I smoke pot, I don't feel bad about it, personally I believe modern marijuana laws are out-dated and shouldn't exist period, I know dozens of successful potheads who have never commited a single crime other than smoking pot, while I have lost a dear friend to a drunk driver, I will lose my grandmother to lung cancer and my mother I addicted to prescription medicine... And of all that, I am the one commiting a crime by smoking a joint to ease my incessive racing thoughts, increasingly severe social anxiety and to help me sleep because Weed is the only thing I have found (even prescription sleep-aids) that helps me sleep, and I haven't had a normal sleep pattern since I was 13, Insomnia is a bitch.

so yes, I smoke pot, am I a hippie? no, do I care what you think about my doing so? no. Do I say all this for attention? no, I just say what is true

on that subject, I have Asperger's syndrome, in lamence terms I have no social skills, which means I have no friends.

I also suffer from bipolar disorder, in which I am more promanantly depressed in the winter

these disorders make my life somewhat difficult to deal with

If you managed to read all this, firstly, I must say congratulations, you obviously are either very bored or honestly interested in me, If you are the latter, Then I will admit my account here on elfpack is to find some friends, and anyone who can comprehend all this is intelligent enough to warrent my interest

so feel free to contact me, though I will say now I am terrible at starting conversations, so please provide the material and I am more than willing to discuss anything with you, sans religion if you are a believer, I prefer to avoid such garbage because I believe religion Is dumbing down society and causing wars over imaginary men

thanks for your time!

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Body shape: fat

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