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NightHawk ("... Rose shall cry.")

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Name: NightHawk Falconis


This is me. Don't pick my nose.


This is what I am using as the cover for my upcoming book, Rose Prophecy. It may not be the final cover (heck, it most likely won't be), but it is nonetheless the one adorning my binder at the moment. As usual, thieves of my work will be caught and hanged by the neck until dead.

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And so from the great void echoed a call from the depths of the impenetrable darkness. "I AM." These two, simple words acknowledging existence rattled the foundations of the void, and it could no longer be empty. Now that there was existence, the void must give way, ceding to the power of that being.

And here I stand. I am that which cannot be denied. I am that which hath wrought all that exists in this world. I am Aea. I am existence.

Greetings, weary travelers, and welcome to my domain. You may call me NightHawk Falconis; you are likely not familiar enough with me for me to allow you to use that which I call myself in the world of trees and air.

You will notice, if reading this entry in its entierty, that I use correct grammar, capital letters, and various means of punctuation in order to express myself to the fullest extent. I expect anyone addressing me to take the same pains to be understood, or you may simply be ignored. You have been warned. I will also not tolerate slander or an overabundance of sexual remarks--unless I already know you. You know who you are :P

In any case, I am a college Freshman at this time (October 2005) at a relatively small state college in Shippensburg, PA. Most of my time I spend online because there is nothing to do in this area except revel with the republicans, something which I avoid at all costs. I am an avid RPer in the wikis, as you will find if you give it a chance. Of late, however, I've taken to more private, two- or three-player RPs because they are more manageable and tend to have a friendlier and more personal atmosphere.

Aside from that, I do utilize much of my time writing; in the wikis is where I practice my skills at the art of literature, trying out new characters, personalities, and themes, and then in novels is where I ply my trade. As of yet I am unpublished; my father and I are currently editing my first, polished piece, titled, "Rose Prophecy," starring Yours Truly, NightHawk Falconis. Though he is a lot colder in the book ^^

In any case, if you have anything interesting to say or seek a serious roleplayer, drop me a message, though in the latter case I am less likely to be inclined to join, especially if I know you not, or if the roleplay includes too many players. Until then, walk the light forest paths. And if you must walk in Shadow, carry the Light.

NightHawk Falconis

"... Rose shall cry."

Name: Lord Blademaster Patrairch NightHawk Falconis (Lord Falconis)
Age: 127
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Weapons: Rose (greatsword), sorcerous magic, golden gauntlet, spiked glove, anything else he can get his hands on.
Armor: Sun dragon scale mail, the Falconis cloak
Description: Tall and strong for an elf, about 6'2" and muscular. His hair is of perfect white, and his eyes are a metallic silver. NightHawk wears black pantaloons and brown boots which are enchanted to allow him to jump very high, as well as to survive long falls. His armor, made of golden dragon scales, does not protect his right arm, which is is main arm. It does, however, extend to his left arm, on which he wears a goldn gauntlet. On his right, he sports a spiked, leather glove. The Falconis cloak is black with thread-of-gold edges, and has a high collar. It hangs from his left shoulder, protecting him from pretty much all harm. Also, his whte hair hangs down before the left side of his face, but he can see through it by means of a simple enchantment.
Job: A warrior. He kills stuff. What else?
Magic: Sorcery; his magic comes from within. He can cast most anything, but he tends toward destructive spells.
History: ... Just read "Rose Prophecy" when it comes out!

“But you see,” Drakoch said between futile attacks, “If I had but rid myself of thee, everything would have been perfect!” He ducked under another lightning-fast swing of Rose before hopping backwards. But Falconis was on him again even as he added, “It was genius!”
Falconis paused, narrowing his eyes as he raised Rose to a ready position. “It is madness,” he argued.
“Ah, but are not all geniuses mad?”
“Perhaps, but clearly not all mad are geniuses!”

Age: 25Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 4

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Exact place of living: Lancaster or Shippensburg

Known languages

Skype Username: NightHawk Falconis

alternativeheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests
bookscatschasing the preferred sex
historypoetryrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 177

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