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"A Star Within My Heart"

My heart is in dismay. It's feeling rather blue,
Because it cannot understand just what it did to you.
It put in a request so it could know the why,
But then the silence came and so, before reply.
My heart is rather sad now, for it cannot comprehend
Why a friend so dear won't allow a mend.
So for what it's worth, though the why is still unclear,
My heart is truly sorry, it’s caused your heart to tear.
It would surely be very helpful though,
If my heart was privy, if it could only know
What it did specifically that somehow caused you pain,
So the clouds could then disperse and stop the pouring rain.

Your words I still remember, for they meant so much to me,
I felt their every meaning and so often made me see
Things I might have not, many made more clear
And so it makes me sad, my heart is void of cheer,
For my friend is in a place, where a friend should never be,
On another wave so distant and so far away from me.
My beacon shall stay lit like a lighthouse in the night,
Until at last all the broken parts are put back together right.
Engraved with your name, within my heart still
Is a brightly shining star no other can claim or fill.
No shadow cast across can take away the shine
For your light’s indelible within this heart of mine.

Words that I have spoken, with reverence, thus sublime,
Were said to last forever, to stand the test of time;
Not to be forgotten, nor quickly, easily spent,
Nor allow for darkness to steal away what’s meant.
Darkened clouds will come, a tranquil sky, invade,
Along with claps of thunder and lightning to pervade.
But once a star is born inside another’s heart,
Storms can never last nor its shine break apart.
Darkness cannot linger nor leave its residue
When a star is shining brightly and when that star is you.
But if you would much rather wipe clear all we did share,
This is up to you, my friend, but know for you.. I care.

Poem/Art/PhotoEditing by [Faith.Hope.Love]/Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2013-01-01 All rights reserved.

Inspirational credit: Peter Tiefenbacher

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Poet note: I believe that as long as there is Love present in hearts who meet with an impasse, whatever that caused it
can be resolved. Only when a heart or hearts is/are lacking in Love is there a likelihood of a situation being unresolvable. ♥

“Forgiveness is the best foundation on which to begin healing of the heart, mind, and spirit.”
~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie



Graphics/art created by/copyrighted to Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly © All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works and to contact me, please read:



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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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