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2008-12-12 23:17:28
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Lilo resting

This is what I can do with a broken flash.

About Lilo

Lilo has been living with me for 9 years. She's pretty scared when at the first encounter with something, but she's definitely not a wussy pussy. The moment the evil monster (typically a vet, a dog or an annoying kid) looks away, she scratches them bloody. The worse accident was when my cousin's dogs were visiting and highly pissing Lilo off by running around as they owned the place. She was sitting in the stairs and eventually she started to screem too much at one of the dogs. My cousin picked the dog up (BAD IDEA!) and Lilo directly saw her chance, climbed up my cousin and attacked the dog. Needless to say, my cousin got more hurt than the dog, but one has to accept some casualties in war. The dogs were carried out in the car, and Lilo regained her control over the house.
Lilo resting on a chair.
Cat wondering what I'm doing.
Black beast of hell!
Am I pretty in this way too?
Another photo model shot.
Cat on chair

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/ [Hedda]

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