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2005-09-08 01:26:42
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This is a bar for those who like to party and drink.

We are hiring Bartenders and Waitresses...we need a few to help me out...

Our head bartender is:[cpt.jack sparrow24]
Bartender: [Pain is Weakness] is Mandi
Waitress: [x Press Play\+] is Lozie

We have other bartending positions avaliable!

if you would like to be one msg me [flawed_angel] and i will let you know your responsibilities...if you really need to talk to me or if i need to talk to you ... you can knock on my office door... Mea's office

if u would like to be a regular msg me bc i wanna talk to u!

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2005-08-11 [NeZ TeZ]: ok

2005-08-12 [Pain is Weakness]: I am a hard liquor woman! I wouldnt have it any other way...Now how bout that drink?

2005-08-12 [Wolfmaiden]: that is the same for me

2005-08-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *makes the drinks* hey u go*hands it over

2005-08-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *makes him self one here il drink u

2005-08-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: hey boss

2005-08-13 [flawed_angel]: *looks up* yeah what do ya need?

2005-08-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: just sayin hi

2005-08-14 [flawed_angel]: oh ok hi *goes back to working on paperwork*

2005-08-14 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: need any thing a drinks mabye

2005-08-14 [flawed_angel]: nope not right now thankyou though...*smiles at him* is there something bothering you??

2005-08-14 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: yes but i dont want to talk about it right now

2005-08-17 [Pain is Weakness]: *takes drink* Thank you Capt. *sips slowly*

2005-08-17 [flawed_angel]: *looks at him akwardly*are you sure?

2005-08-19 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: hiyaz I'm back from my was crap

2005-08-20 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: sorry to hear that love

2005-08-20 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: s'ok the reason it was crap was cos i missed u so much ^^

2005-08-20 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i love u so much *kisses u*

2005-08-20 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: i love you too *kisses back*

2005-08-21 [Pain is Weakness]: Hey Can I get another one?

2005-08-21 [Pain is Weakness]: Its been a rough day

2005-08-22 [Pain is Weakness]: Um...excuse me?

2005-08-23 [flawed_angel]: here *hands him the drink*

2005-08-24 [Pain is Weakness]: ... I am a girl....*smiles*

2005-08-24 [flawed_angel]: my been i'm sorry...

2005-08-25 [Pain is Weakness]: Its ok... I love it when chicks look at my site and think its my boyfriends... Then they message me to tell me "how hot I am" and that I "should leave my girl friend and be with them." It cracks me up.

2005-08-25 [flawed_angel]: oh i didnt look at your site i just assumed ... i'm very sorry...

2005-08-26 [Pain is Weakness]: Its ok. That happens too. *sip*

2005-08-26 [flawed_angel]: sorry..

2005-08-28 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: has any1 seen Cpt.jack Sparrow24 about? i aint seen him 4 the past week or so

2005-08-28 [flawed_angel]: i have not ... i'm sorry ...

2005-08-29 [Pain is Weakness]: Do yall still need bartenders?

2005-08-29 [flawed_angel]: yeah we do!!

2005-08-30 [Pain is Weakness]: Can I apply?

2005-08-30 [flawed_angel]: sure..just msg me and i will send you info!!

2005-09-07 [Pain is Weakness]: Can i get another drink?

2005-09-08 [flawed_angel]: you work here get it yourself...!!

2005-09-08 [Pain is Weakness]: lol. Ok. Sweet!. *pours a shot of Absolut.*

2005-09-08 [flawed_angel]: ok ... but remember not to get to messed dont want to mess anyone elses drink up..

2005-09-08 [Pain is Weakness]: Gotcha! I wont get poo faced!

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: can i get a cap and coke

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: mind if i get a cap n coke

2005-09-08 [Pain is Weakness]: Sure. *fills glass with desired drink* Here ya go!

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: sry got the gitters

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: *sips* long day 

2005-09-08 [Pain is Weakness]: Whats wrong?

2005-09-08 [Pain is Weakness]: rough day?

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: alot of annoying people wanting their boats

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: they bring the boats in knowing we are 2 weeks behind and come back 5 days later

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: *downs glass* *dry cough* how bout yourself?

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: do u have killians on tap

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: still there?

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: *talks to self* i guess i bored her to death

2005-09-08 [Chloroform Perfume]: i am here, so pour me one of malibu

2005-09-08 [Chloroform Perfume]: hello???

2005-09-08 [Chloroform Perfume]: are you there

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: hmm *ponders is it possible to die from boredom

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: here *slides bottle *

2005-09-08 [Chloroform Perfume]: fuck me.....hard *says under breath fuuuuuuck meeeee

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: still there

2005-09-08 [Chloroform Perfume]: dude im about to go eat so im gonna call the shops number when i get done, if your not there ill try your cell

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: yeah your a weak one

2005-09-08 [Deviant Z]: the cell im leaving too safe drivin

2005-09-09 [Happy happy]: im going to need alot of drinks for what i had to put up wit tonight

2005-09-09 [Pain is Weakness]: What would you like?

2005-09-10 [Sweet Disaster]: *a pair of bright velvet green eyes peer out at the bar through the dark*

2005-09-10 [Pain is Weakness]: Can I help you?

2005-09-10 [Sweet Disaster]: *comes out of the darkness* im here all the time and ive never seen u

2005-09-12 [Pain is Weakness]: I am the new bartender...Mandi...Whats your name?

2005-09-12 [Sweet Disaster]: I dont give out my name to ppl i dont know fully

2005-09-13 [Pain is Weakness]: Well would you like to get to know me? And in the meantime, would you like a drink?

2005-09-16 [Sweet Disaster]: no im ok

2005-09-16 [Pain is Weakness]: Ok cool

2005-09-19 [Sweet Disaster]: *leans against a wall*

2005-09-19 [Pain is Weakness]: *wall caves in*

2005-09-19 [flawed_angel]: lol sorry i couldnt resist but to laugh!!

2005-09-20 [Pain is Weakness]: Well thats what Im here for... I like to make people laugh.

2005-09-20 [flawed_angel]: yeah but the wall caves in when she is just then leaning on it...

2005-09-21 [Pain is Weakness]: I know. I was just jokng.

2005-09-27 [Pain is Weakness]: wow... this place is pretty barron...

2005-10-02 [Pain is Weakness]: We need better advertisment....

2005-10-02 [flawed_angel]: yeah we do .... sorry for my long absence ..

2005-10-03 [Pain is Weakness]: Its cool. Where have you been?

2005-10-03 [flawed_angel]: very busy with somethings that have been going on with me ... sorry for the inconvinience...

2005-10-03 [Pain is Weakness]: Its cool. Anything I can help with? Advise wise?

2005-10-04 [flawed_angel]: nope...

2005-10-04 [Pain is Weakness]: ok thats cool.

2005-10-05 [flawed_angel]: yup..

2005-10-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *comes in bloody

2005-10-25 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: HEYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-10-25 [Pain is Weakness]: WHAT HAPPENED!? Are you OK!? *gets wet warm washcloth and wipes some of the blood out of the Cpt.'s eyes*

2005-10-26 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: no i'm just happy ^-^ oh right you mean him, hey Cpt.

2005-10-26 [Pain is Weakness]: haha

2005-10-29 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: help me

2005-10-30 [flawed_angel]: *walks into the room with a first aid kit...* did someone say help me? *eyes are bloodshot and wandering slowly around the room*

2005-11-05 [Sweet Disaster]: *A vampire looking chick walks in and her eyes turn green*

2005-11-07 [Pain is Weakness]: *walks over to the Vampire looking chick* Can I get you a drink?

2005-11-12 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: help me goddess

2005-11-13 [Sweet Disaster]: No thank you.

2005-11-14 [Pain is Weakness]: Ok...If you need anything, dont hesitate!

2005-11-14 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: hiya cpt. long time no see hey?

2005-11-21 [Pain is Weakness]: *pours a tequila shot and drinks it* Whoo....good stuff..

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *dies becouse some ones a BiTCH

2005-11-24 [flawed_angel]: no dont die...i dont want you to .. i tried to help but nobody answerd...

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *a female walks in looks at him* get up u fool *mutters some words*

2005-11-24 [flawed_angel]: i'm just confused..

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *i raise up eyes open * ahhhhhh

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *she speaks*/ u dont acully tink il let u die u have work to do

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: nooooo i cant kill her shhheeeee myyyyyy frien.... *passes out*

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: / o god help me wait i am god ooppps

2005-11-24 [flawed_angel]: who is he killing??

2005-11-24 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: /no one any more

2005-11-24 [flawed_angel]: still confused..but ok..

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *i fall* / im leaving whene he wakes up tell him vanthrax says hi

2005-11-25 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: hello people *looks around and spots a special someone*....*blushes*...Hey Cpt.

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: Ohhhhhhh..........*Gasps* HOLS!

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *gasps for air* WHAT THE HELL where am i

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: Im ganna leave now. *confusingly walks away*

2005-11-25 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: HEYA ELLI

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *waves slightly over shoulder and sits in a ball against the wall*

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: where am i*slightly calmer*

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *Ignores the random people.*

2005-11-25 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: hey Cpt. u r in Drinks silly

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *gives up and stands up* My legs hurts.......

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: I'm not talking to anyone impiticualr

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: hey *taps on elli's leg* a hand up would be nice

2005-11-25 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: fine ignore me then :'(

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *Helps Cpt up.* Hey hun.....I think Holls over there is feeling a bit neglected......I think she likes you *Whispers in Capt's ear*

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *Whispers in ellis ear we used to be lovers

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *Shivers at the thought. Walks back over to the wall*

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *follows her* r u ok?

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *Leans against the wall* Yes....I am just soo sick of hearing about pople being or used to be lovers.....*Sighs*

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: r u sure thats it?  dont forget im a mind reader its no use to lie

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: Fine....Did I tell you my little secret yet? ((about the fangs))

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *sends a message into her head it said "vamp"

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: Okay.....well My true demon form so to say is dark, evil, threatening and it is breaking through.....

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: cool i dont mind follow me

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: follow you?

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: the woods@wiki

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: fine

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: il "meat" you there

2005-11-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *snapps his fingers and dissaeprs leaving the smell of sulfer*

2005-11-25 [Sweet Disaster]: *Gags and transforms into a black panther and disappears into the nighT*

2005-11-26 [flawed_angel]: ok..walks back to her office...

2005-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *walks to the door knockes

2005-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: hello

2005-11-26 [flawed_angel]: come in..

2005-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *walks in so she know its him

2005-11-26 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: Ellisen?

2005-11-26 [flawed_angel]: Mea's office

2005-11-26 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: oh ok ^_^

2005-11-27 [Sweet Disaster]: *Looks around*

2005-12-01 [Pain is Weakness]: does any one want a shot?

2005-12-03 [Sweet Disaster]: sure

2005-12-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: wy not id love 1

2005-12-29 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: hello

2006-01-14 [Pain is Weakness]: *pours two shots and hands them out appropriatly.*

2006-02-28 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: thanks...hey...where is Jack? i aint seen him lately...?

2006-03-04 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: riht here love

2006-03-04 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *pores him self a drink of his privet stock

2006-07-11 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: where you been

2006-07-16 [Sweet Disaster]: *Walks in and slowly gazes around before sitting at a table*

2006-07-18 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: Heeey Love, how you beeen...? missed me much

2006-07-20 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: good you

2006-07-20 [Sweet Disaster]: I missed you! (Random)

2006-07-21 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i missed you to

2006-07-21 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: but you didnt miss me somehow *slight annoyance*

2006-07-29 [Sweet Disaster]: I missed you [::HOLLY WOOD::]

2006-08-02 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: awww tankoo ^_^

2006-08-04 [Sweet Disaster]: Your welcome.

2006-08-10 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: still drinking

2006-08-16 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: .....
soooooooo... you missed me Cpt...?

2006-08-16 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: how can you ack me that of course i missed you

2006-08-28 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: yay ^_^ *hugs you and gives you a big kiss on the cheek* *smiles* i've missed you too

2006-08-28 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i kope im in the hospital

2006-08-28 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: i read the diary entry...i couldnt read it properly, what happened?

2006-09-15 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: (not tellin sorry

2006-09-22 [Sweet Disaster]: Hi?

2006-09-27 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ello

2006-10-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: so who wants a drink

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: Not me. For the first time in years, all I want is water.

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: WAT???????????????????????????

no wts wrong love wat happened?
tell me love

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: Alot of things. One: I cant keep a guy.
Two: Im obviously not good enough.
Three: I almost got killed, thats why I was gone for so long.
Four: I guess there isnt a four.

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: one: you can
two: you are good anough
three:why did you almost bite the dust?

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: One: prove it.
Two: prove it.
Three: I got shot at. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ONE: ok *walks up to you kisses you* youv kept me for awile
two :your to good for me
three: il kill emm how shot at you

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: One: From waht I have been reading, I havent been keeping you to well.
Two: I am not to good for you, I will never be to good for you.
Three: Here is the story, I was in the bank the other day with my older shit head brother and a robber comes in and just starts randomly shooting, demanding money.

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: one: opppps you read that *hides under his bed with all his *toys*
two: you r and always will be
three: WOW

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: One:Yeah. And it kinda hurt.
Two:If Im to good for you then why are my feelings so strong?
Three: Yeah.

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: one: sorry
two: i feel the same
three: i got nothing to say

2006-11-09 [Sweet Disaster]: One: I forgive you, as long as you never do something like that again, unless I say its okay.
Two: You do? yay.

2006-11-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ok

2007-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ummm is someone gonna buy somthing or what its running a lil slow here you know

2007-11-30 [flawed_angel]: *Comes out of her office* Hey you wanna give me some Jack D. please. keep it straight. you know what just give me a bottle and I'll be happy.

2007-11-30 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *grabs the bottle from under the counter and flips it and then hands it to her* here dont worry i didnt water it down

2007-12-02 [flawed_angel]: *Takes the bottle and opens it gulping part of it* Thanks its wonderful to how have you been?

2007-12-04 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: tired and ..not here you???

2007-12-06 [flawed_angel]: Meh could be better could be worse either way you go I'm still alive and *looks at the bottle* sorta healthy *looks back up to Jack*

2007-12-07 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: thats good i ...guess?

2008-05-14 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *stands there cleaning a glass with his apron

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