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2005-08-17 20:57:13
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Hello and welcome to my office.If you are here I must either be here with you or have given you permission to be here otherwise knock first...anyways this is my office not yours dont interupt me while i'm in it besides the bar is better than it is in here...i promise....

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2005-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i good thanks

2005-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: how r u?

2005-11-27 [flawed_angel]: i'm ok..could be better .. how about yourself?

2005-11-27 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: BOO! soz....wrong place ^_^' *walks out of room*

2005-11-28 [flawed_angel]: ok..

2006-07-12 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: alive ...i ... think

2006-07-12 [flawed_angel]: well .. if your standing here infront of me then i think you are alive and i'm glad you are that is a good thing..

2006-09-10 [Shadow of a woman]: knock knock

2006-09-10 [flawed_angel]: What.

2006-10-25 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: oh sorry il leave

2006-10-27 [Ms. Swan]: hey i need a job please

2006-10-28 [flawed_angel]: Jack dont leave your fine..I'm sorry I seemed rude.

2006-11-01 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: no dont worry
ohh by the way ms.swan i can swear shes a hard worker

2006-11-03 [flawed_angel]: ok then she can work....I dont mind..

2006-11-07 [Ms. Swan]: yay!

2006-11-07 [flawed_angel]: Ok then..

2006-11-09 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: thank you boss *hugs*

2006-11-17 [flawed_angel]: *hugs back*

2007-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: hey boss*knock knock*
ummm are you in i needed to ask why is it so slow here all of a sudden?

2007-11-30 [flawed_angel]: Yeah Come on in. Well, buisness has run down and I dont think I'm the only rpg that has gone down hill without much reason or warning.

2007-11-30 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: im sorry il bring freinds

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