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"Dear True Love"

You are so sweet, dear, and kind,
Loving of heart, gentle in mind.
Oh, to be loved by a man like you,
Would be so wonderful, but who
Does my stubborn heart select,
A man who does my heart reject
My love, my caring, my passion,
Guess I'm not his taste or fashion
To love and respect, to have and to hold,
Leaving my heart shattered, feeling cold,
For his presence brings such a chill,
Though my love burns brightly for him still.
The rose I see amidst the thorns,
The heart I see that it adorns,
Will never ever my love return,
No matter how much for him I yearn.

I am his lady, I am all his,
I crave not more than his touch, his kiss.
A flame within's burning bright and strong,
Gladly I'd forgive his every wrong.
Inside my heart, a passionate rose,
Lives because of Love that flows
Rivers and oceans, a frothing sea,
Deeply, so deeply, inside of me.
My Love burns deep, not to scorch,
But to fuel the flame of the torch,
For whom it glows, for whom it lives,
For whom it breathes, for whom it gives,
The Love, the Passion, always on fire,
An inferno of lava flowing desire.

But my Love so true is sadly wasting,
For the man I Love reaps joy from basting
My heart with seasonings to cause despair,
To shred my heart beyond repair.
Although I long for your loving arms,
My heart is smitten by his charms.
But as time goes by, this spell he cast,
Is growing weaker at long last,
For in my dreams he's all but gone,
Now any day shall come the dawn,
When I'll awake with eyes for you,
As well my heart beating true.
I will reach to hold you tight
And in your arms I'll feel just right.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly
©2014-03-06 16:43:00 (EST) All rights reserved.

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Poet note: There is Love and then there is Love, deep Love. To Love someone deeply means the Love goes way
beyond physical Love, means accepting them as they are, flaws and all, and without stipulations and/or becauses.
Very deep Love doesn't dissipate easily. In fact the roots can be so deeply rooted into the heart and soul that they
can't be destroyed. This is a dynamic force, unlike any other, and between two people who Love each other of the
same measure or caliber, most wonderful. But should one of the two not be reciprocal, the one left being the only
one loving, is emotionally devastating but the emotional devastation doesn't mean their deep Love roots will die. ♥

“Only when our Love is tried and tested, do we learn how deeply our heart's invested.”
“Only Love that's strong and true can weather storms and make it through.”
“It's easy to love those who are easy to love, but the true test of love is loving those who are more difficult to love.”

~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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