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Wiki Help


All wiki help in one place! These links can be found in many other places too, but here they are all in one place!

The Elfpack Wiki is a strange little thing that many are confused about at first. Thus there are several different help pages for it... If you don't understand from reading the first one, proceed to the next and see if that explains it better. Remember: it isn't as complicated as it may seem!


Short Introduction

A wiki is a set of web-pages that anyone can edit. This isn't something made up specifically for Elfpack. There are several wikis on the web.

The word "wiki" is Hawaiian and means "fast" or "quick". Why wikis are called that is probably better explained by the creators of the concept. Try searching the web for "what is a wiki" with your favourite search engine, if you're interested in reading more.


The Help Pages

Wiki guide
A user-friendly guide which covers the basics about using wikis.

The wiki_intro
An introduction and guide to how to use the wiki and how to make and maintain a wiki page.

The Wiki FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the wiki (and their answers, of course...)

The quick-guide-to-wiki
Another Wiki guide.

How to use the markup language on Elfpack, the "pseudo HTML", to make text bold, italic etc, make links, inline images...
Only a basic guide.. if you have a better one, let me know

pseudo html
a slightly better list of HTML tags, more advanced than the one above, but worth a look

The Who messed up my wiki page
What to do when your wiki page has been messed up.

The Custodians
The wiki bosses ''Custodians'' keep an eye on the wiki and can answer questions and help you if something goes wrong.

The Elfpack Privs
Privs are the Elfpack 'rights'. See the page for further explanation.

Cascading Style Sheets
A system of pages and tutorials on creating CSS Files:
elftown stylesheet


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2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: Oh I didnt forget them!

2006-09-18 [Shizaki Shinobu]: awesome

2007-01-27 [Voice of the Voiceless]: o.o

2007-08-25 [tazz]: can i have a stylesheet on a wiki

2008-08-08 [The one you'll never forget.]: Ummm....I have a question for whoever has the authority to do something like this...I belong to a wiki and the people who used to run it don't anymore because they pretty much abandoned EP altogether and so I'm trying to update the wiki and change it a bit and it won't let me because I don't own the wiki and a few of the pages are password protected as far as editing...Can someone in charge override that at all?

2008-08-08 [Bookwyrm]: Hmm, it is possible to do, but why not create your own wiki about the same subject? That way if the old owners come back they'll still have their wiki. :)

2008-08-08 [The one you'll never forget.]: They're my friends in real life too and they said I could have it but they keep forgetting to come on here to fix it and it's a roleplaying thing so if I remade it we'd lose all the stuff we already did...Plus there's a bunch of other people who are members of it so we'd all have to switch over...and I like most of it I just wanted to edit a few things...

2011-07-30 [Stephen]: These pages.
Really need to be.


2011-07-30 [Bookwyrm]: I agree.

Do we have a list of stuff that needs to be updated? Maybe we should just make a list in the forums or something that we can add to/cross off as we go along?

2011-07-30 [Stephen]: That would be a fantastic idea.
I know pretty much everything under help is outdated.
. . . We could just "borrow" Elftown's help pages and reword them, a little. I can't imagine the Elftown Council would mind much.

There are a lot of things that need to be updated or done. I know Andrew told me he was planning on making a to-do list, but I'm not sure of his progress on it.

(Currently, I'm mostly focusing on making sure peoples' badgeslots are correct.)

2011-07-30 [Bookwyrm]: Okay, sent you a message about it. XD

I'm mostly working on updating the stuff I'm currently in control over, but going is slow.

2011-11-09 [Stephen]: How to use the markup language on Elftown, the "pseudo HTML", to make text bold, italic etc, make links, inline images...


2011-11-09 [kittykittykitty]: Derp. How many years has that been sitting there :P

2011-11-09 [Stephen]: We should just overhaul ALL the help pages.

Make a list of all of them, decide which ones we need, condense as much as possible to as few pages as possible, update the keepers and the main help page, and sweep the other pages under the rug and pretend they don't exist. :P

2011-11-09 [kittykittykitty]: /agree Too many pages that say the same thing, and too much to keep up to date.

2011-11-09 [Stephen]: Yeah. o.x

2013-06-14 [DeeJay™]: guessing as this was 18 months ago it's already been done, right? :p

anyway! how do we link to a wiki through a picture? i'm sure it says somewhere, but i've completely forgot where and cant find anything that's even close to guess from.

in short, i want people to click an image and be redirected to a wiki, instead of just that picture. i know it's possible, as i've done it before on here, so how? any ideas?

2013-06-14 [kittykittykitty]: No, we started listing all the official pages and there was so damn many of them :P

You use <wikiimg:wikiname@wiki:urlhere.jpg>

2013-06-14 [DeeJay™]: woo, it worked :D thanks!
where does it say how to do that, for future reference?

2013-06-15 [kittykittykitty]: Hurray! It's on pseudohtml, which has most of the coding on it.

2013-06-15 [DeeJay™]: oh, my, god. why isnt this the elfpack theme tune?!
Click to play sound/video

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