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2007-04-21 01:12:06
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How To Donate with PayPal


Why Would I Want to Donate to Elfpack?

You want to support [Hedda] and [Sunrose] with running Elftown and Elfpack.

But there's more! You'll get special features for in your Elfpack house!


You can use these colours in your house!!!

And You'll get a golden line around your house so everybody knows your a Official Elfpack Donor! And you get access to the Donor Page, and there just MIGHT be something good there!

If you donate $24, then you technically can have unlimited amount of images in your description (but please still avoid to have too many too big images!)


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2007-04-21 [Hedda]: Some notes:
This page is maintained by some Elfpack crew, but it's not Maintained by the owners of Elfpack, and the content on this page isn't guaranteed to be true. <URL:donate.html> has the official text and it will be updated if something change.

$12 is the amount needed to get colours and at the same time get access to the donor-page and donor forums. They don't really contain something worth paying for, and is just a fun thing.

ΒΆ24 or more gives you a technically unlimited amount of how many images you can have in your house. We'll still stop you if you're making a fool out of yourself with too many too big images though...

More than $24 give you a big thank you! <img:d-sign.gif>

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