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2006-09-19 19:31:19
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The Place for Tattoos

If you have a tattoo... show a picture of it on here to every one...
If you draw tattos... post a few of your designs...
If you want a tattoo drawn for you... ask one of the artists...
if you just like tattoos... be a tattoo members...

Please post the banner above on your house...
We NEED to spread the word...

This is just a place were i can put my tattoo designs...

<img:>      <img:>     <img:>

<img:>     <img:stuff/OoO>     <img:stuff/Wierd>

<img:stuff/T%20swish>     <img:stuff/Ex%20Note>

<img250*0:stuff/dragontat.jpg>     <img:stuff/dreamcatcher>

<img:stuff/tricolor>     <img:stuff/shark>     

<img200*0:stuff/butterflytat.jpg>     <img:stuff/circle.jpg>


As of yet... this is still a new wiki; a work in progress... For right now it is just a place for me to slowly put up some of my own designs so other people can see them on EP... Later I plan to add captions to all of my designs, and later still... I'd love to eventually turn this into a tattoo diplay area and tat art gallery....
...Right now though, i'm kinda buisy working, trying to save some money so i can help my girl...
Anyway... if you're here...I probably invited you... so please feel free to comment ... Thanx everyone...

Join @ tattoo members

Post pics of your tattoos @ SkinArt

Post your own Designs @ tattoo showcase

AND NEW... Watermark Contest

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2006-09-14 [ShadowSong]: k then... "MOM".. lol

2006-09-15 [Viperess]: *laughing* better I guess baby boy

2006-09-19 [Viperess]: I love the butterfly

2006-09-19 [ShadowSong]: put up 2 new tats... have a buch more when i get some time

2006-09-20 [Viperess]: son..oh son..guess what..went and tried to add a couple of the tats *sighs* got knocked off ep as it is password protected....


2006-09-28 [ShadowSong]: thanks Mom

2006-09-29 [Miss BettyBoop]: who can i talk to about getting a tattoo drawn?

2006-09-30 [Viperess]: *points up* [ShadowSong]

2006-10-04 [Morningstar Rising]: Hello all, whats up?

2006-10-15 [CRIP 4 LIFE]: nice

2006-10-25 [ShadowSong]: ok lads... we need some more activity on here

2006-10-26 [CRIP 4 LIFE]: yea we do

2007-07-22 [death how i long to embrace you]: Alrighty then well I shall do so

2007-07-24 [death how i long to embrace you]: Do we truely need you to come on here and say that? I dont really think so, so go sit in a corner and think of what you just did.

2007-07-24 [Zombiie Natiion]: i will not! im only stating the truth

2007-07-25 [death how i long to embrace you]: *points to a corner* Go sit in it now missy and think of what you did

2007-07-25 [Zombiie Natiion]: ow noo ): pfft *sulks in corner*

2007-07-27 [ShadowSong]: though you may think it better.. this one has been here longer... if you had talked to us and been curtious, we could have promoted his page on this's not a competition, we're all here to talk about a mutual love for tattoos

2007-07-30 [death how i long to embrace you]: Hey no being mean there missy or I will send you back to the corner and if that doesn't work I will put you over my knee lol.

2007-10-12 [Master Of Duct Tape]: heyy.... i just made a new wiki for tattoos... Inked! join please!

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