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Sailor Moon Trivia



1. Who is the Guardian of Time and Space?
A) Sailor Moon
B) Sailor Neptune
C) Sailor Pluto
D) Sailor Mars

2. What is the name of Princess Fragrant Blossom?
A) Princess Mars
B) Neo-Queen Serenity
C) Princess Katyuu
D) Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity

3. How did Nephlite Die?
A) By Sailor Moon's Wand
B) By Saving Molly
C) By Queen Beryl's Kiss
D) By a Car

4. Where does Helios come from?
A) The Dark Moon
B) Earth
C) Mars
D) Elysion

5. In season 1 what was Sailor Moon's first weapon?
A) Sailor Moon Kick of Stars
B) Moon Healing
C) Moon Gorgeous Meditation
D) Moon Tiara Magic

6. Who does Small Lady fall in love with?
A) Zircon
B) Chad
C) Helios
D) Melvin

7. What is Sailor Mercury's real name?
A) Hay Lin
B) Makoto Kino
C) Beryl Lin
D) Ami Mizuno

8. Who was Mamoru Chiba (Darin) in his past life?
A) Prince Helios
B) Prince Andrew
C) Prince Darin
D) Prince Endymion

9. Which of the WITCHS 5 found the Legendary Holy Chalice?
A) Mimet
B) Tululu
C) Eudial
D) Bryruit

10. Who did Prince Diamond love?
A) Neo-Queen Serenity
B) Wicked Lady
C) Emerald
D) Sailor Mars


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2012-02-05 [Stephen]: "9. Which od the WITCHS 5 found the Legendary Holy Chalice?"

I'm pretty sure od should be of, but I'm asking to make sure.

Also, is WITCHS 5 a typo or a name? x3

2012-02-05 [Cerulean Sins]: Sorry....I'm wearing fake nails and it's kinda hard to type in lol

And WITCHS 5 isn't a typo :D

2012-02-05 [Stephen]: No worries. =]

Yeah, I don't know anything about Sailor Moon, so I figured I'd ask before changing anything. ;)

2012-02-05 [Cerulean Sins]: I use to be obsessed with Sailor moon lol 

2012-02-05 [Stephen]: xD

2012-02-05 [Stephen]: Oh yeah, I'll make a Mainstuff Calendar about this.

2012-02-05 [Cerulean Sins]: Cheers :)

2012-02-06 [Deg]: Pshhh...oh my gosh, I used to LOVE Salior Moon. But that was AGES ago. D: I'm gonna try to answer these, anyways.

2012-02-06 [Deg]: I think there is a spelling error in number 6. Not trying to be rude! Just noticed it while I was looking them over. "Dose" should probably be "does". :)

2012-02-07 [Stephen]: Fixed -- thanks!

2012-02-07 [Deg]: :) You're welcome!

2012-02-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *cough* there's a lot of typos in here A LOT of them :/ like you google some of these? they do'nt exist, not even on moonwiki

2012-02-24 [Cerulean Sins]: Jimmy you know I'm crap at spelling. And I am a Sailor Moon buff! I know everything, right down to the very last detail. So of course most of the answers won't be on google or moonwiki lol

2012-02-24 [Saffron]: Number 9 confuses me....Sailor Pluto brought about the entire incident with the holy grail being formed by bringing out her talisman which allowed the three to combine into the holy grail. So, none of the witches actually found it....and when Eudel and sailormoon raced to get it after the formation of the grail sailor moon arrived first.

2012-02-24 [Stephen]: @Typos: If you see a typo Jimmy, then fix it. ;)

@Saffron: No idea. =[ I know nothing about Sailor Moon.

2012-02-25 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: She's right...moonwiki says nothing about the witches five finding it at all and if its in manga or the show, it'll be on moonwiki >>

2012-02-25 [Saffron]: Well not technically so my love. Moonwiki is a bundle of information but I am sure it doesn't cover all bases. But number 9 has no correct answer.

2012-02-25 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :o I even googled it, nothing came up! the most common thing that came up on google...was this page >>

2012-02-25 [Saffron]: I know, this question wont pull an answer because there is no answer.

2012-02-25 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *nod nod nod* just solidifying your statement <3

2012-02-26 [Stephen]: Kay, this really isn't the best place for this conversation. :P

If you have an issue with the Trivia, then please message the person who made it and talk to them about it.

I do know that from reading [Trivia Master]'s PMs, that multiple people have submitted a Trivia Answer, and all of them have chosen the answer that's marked as "Correct" for question number 9. (I didn't check the rest, not my job -- not to imply the person who's supposed to check them isn't doing their job, they seem to be.) So either they're good guessers, or there's some remote way it makes sense.

2012-02-26 [Saffron]: If you say so, I sent the concern to trivia master person.

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