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In conjunction with Elfpack's Role-Playing Contests


                          Welcome, to the Roleplaying Guild of Elfpack.

The Guild is an effort to collect all Role-Players and Role-Plays on Elfpack in one location, big or small. Here you can talk with other role-players, become famous for your skills, or be broken down and rebuilt to be a better and well-respected role-player.

The Role-Playing Crew and the Roleplayer Council are some of the elite roleplayers on Elfpack who have come together to make Elfpack a bigger and better place for role-players. They can help give you tips and advice on running, building and role-playing, and they can also help you to moderate and enforce rules on your pages.

It's not mandatory to join the Guild, but by doing so you can meet others with the same interests, attract more players to your role-plays, and have easy contact with an Elfpack Staff member should an issue arise on your page.


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2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: But that's the fun of it! You of course don't know of all the rps there are on Elfpack, nor all of the rpers: no one does. So the point(one of the points) is to explore and look at rps that might tickle your fancy. Unless specified, I wouldn't expect someone to just enter it if the person has something against it(even if they didn't, its common courtesy), but I do hope people will ask around to join new rps with new people.

2008-08-29 [DragonicTunes]: I really don't care

2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: Its up to you, of course. But if you have a change of heart, the offer is always on the table.

2008-08-29 [DragonicTunes]: Right
Ys know, it's just funny to me how I asked you a simple question and you ended up ranting at me about all that, it didn't really answer my question

2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: your question was how does someone differ between an elite and newbies, which I answered the best I could. However, what you said in reply to that, I felt I had to address, because I feel its the least I could do for someone is to offer up my opinion(and perhaps arguement) on something that is potentially a good thing. I apologize if you felt I was ranting. Though I see it more as preeching than ranting.

2008-08-29 [DragonicTunes]: My point about the question was that even though what you said was true; to people who have never met certain other rpers, they aren't going to go around asking all the other people that certain person's rped with if they're any good or not. There's no variation other then a list of people in alphbetical order...

2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: I'm aiming for this place to be a central wiki for all rpers to navigate to to interact and rp with each other. Through certain things like all the comments, the reccomended rp spot I've just set up, and perhaps any rps people choose to make a comment about. Aside from the council members, you're right, there is no variation. However, I take elite to mean experienced. I'm not going to rate a rper on a scale from 1 to 100 on how 'good' an rper is, because that could mean anything, and I'm not anyone to make that decision. But experienced rpers will essentially make themselves known. Those that show that they are active as rpers and have gained certain respect amongst many fellow rpers(which is obvious, and doesn't need an interview), people who have never rp'd or are just starting would more than likely consider those people as elite.

If you want to continue this conversation, then message me. But I don't want this conversation to continue here any longer.

2008-08-29 [DragonicTunes]: Okay, fine, I'll just drop it then
I guess it's not such a big deal v_v

2008-08-29 [Eyes of the Reaper]: You know...on that note...there could be a contest associated with this. You could nominate someone on the list (whom you must have role played with prior to nominating them and it can't be yourself) and as a collective group we vote on like...role player of the month or a 'group' of members (one at a time) that grows into the 'elite role players.' *shrug* Just an idea. :)

2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: [DragonicTunes]: Agreed

[Eyes of the Reaper]: Perhaps at a future date. But not now. I just want to concentrate on growing our numbers.

2008-08-29 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Of course not now. That would be silly! We haven't really met anyone other than our circles yet. XD

2008-08-29 [Kaos101]: Indeed. But you have given me an excellent idea, I think.

2008-08-30 [Eyes of the Reaper]: o.o I have? *stunned since she's OBVIOUSLY not even good enough to work at Wal-Mart...thank you f-ing a-hole assistant manager who treats me like crap all the time*

2008-08-30 [Kaos101]: lol they will surely pay.

2008-08-30 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Hell yes he will! My best friend works in the department that he cherishes...and she's the ONLY one working in it. She said that if I left (which I seriously am considering)--she'd leave as well (since she can't stand the way he treats me and she's afraid that he'll f with her once I leave). Also, today I filled out and turned in an application for Halloween Express at the they're going to set Daniel straight, they'd better do it asap. *still f-ing pissed*

2008-08-30 [Kaos101]: lol You should go to the Halloween store anyway.

2008-08-31 [Eyes of the Reaper]: lol XD Thanks.

2008-09-06 [Legendary]: hey im new to this,i mean i role play but......whts all this about

2008-09-06 [Kaos101]: This is a database, a hangout, a guild of roleplayers. Everyone here are either fascinated with role playing or are frequent roleplayers who do it very often around Elfpack. The objective of this guild is to bring them all together so they can meet other rp'ers, find or resurrect other rp's, and give new rp'ers a place to get started. You're very welcome to add your name to the list of rper's, and add any rp's you've been in or have heard of to the list of roleplays.

2008-09-06 [Legendary]: ok cool thx 4 the bio on umm,,,im a bit slow how do i add me 2 it?

2008-09-06 [Kaos101]: Go to the page RPG's A-Z of Roleplayers(the link is also on the page above) and locate where your name belongs(it's in alphabetical order, so in your case it's 'n'.)Do you know how to edit wiki pages?

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