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Those who seek help, guidance or general information on Role-Plays are more than welcome and encouraged to ask the members of this Council. Composed of the "best of the best", each Council Member is well versed in information on role-playing. To become a member of this esteemed Council, you must be recommended by a large number of people. After enough people recommend you, you will be tested by the current Council on your skills.


The Council is led by the Role-playing Crew:
[Cerulean Sins]

Council Members


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2005-11-07 [Sieg Heil!!.PK]: *walks in and looks around, starting to feel like a midgit in a mansion in this holy-ground of illustrious rpers*

2005-11-08 [GlassCasket]: *follows him in and looks around*

2005-11-08 [Sieg Heil!!.PK]: How does one go about being initiated into this council? or is one initiated through recognization as a superb rper...?

2005-11-08 [Kaos101]: you got it

2005-11-08 [GlassCasket]: hmmm

2005-11-08 [Sieg Heil!!.PK]: Ah... Many thanks... *keeps his left hand hidden in his pocket*

2005-11-08 [GlassCasket]: *stays silent and walks around*

2005-11-08 [Blinded Seraphim]: *steps out of the shadows* most impressive...

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