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This is a place for all my little slaves!

If you wish to join my legion of slaves you must prove your worth to me. If you become my slave and you lose your purpose, i will sell you. Message me If you wish to join but be prepared with something to woe my decision. Welcome to my kingdom of slaves.

My first slave is a man who gave me the idea for this legion. His name was [Ajsinnott]. Now he is known to me as Slave#1. He is known to you as "Ravendark's Slave#1".

My second slave is a woman who intregues my every interest. I think she is my favorite slave =Þ. Her name was [RabidSphinx]. Now she is known to me as MY Sexxxie Sara. She is known to you as Ravendark's Slave#2. She is also my covergirl =)

And perhaps my most kinkiest slave of them all! I might want to watch out or i might be the one tied up ;) Her name was [Solitiaum]. Now she is known as my Bondage faery!!!! She is know to you as BEAUTIFUL!!!

As for my future slaves, this would be a page for you to take a look at.
Ravendark's Future Slaves

But remember, if you become my slave, Be a good slave and obey my every command. You dont want to end up with this picture next to your name.

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2005-01-29 [Ajsinnott]: i am slave 1

2005-01-29 [RabidSphinx]: you know i'm your slave girl Raven!!! woot!

2005-01-30 [FireGypsy]: and now its official!

2005-01-30 [Ajsinnott]: lol

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