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Emotions for [Faith.Hope.Love]

This is your personal page where you can add your own emotions. Every line that only contains an image-tag will be added to your emotions. You can also start a line with : and then the rest of that line will be added as a text-emotion. If you have another (or even more) colons, then the text between the first two colons will be the one dislayed. Examples:
:Write me on
:spam:Hi! I'm a daughter of a murdered Nigerian king and I need your help to get the money out of the country. I only need $100 for some bribes and then I can transfer $40 000 000 to your account and you can keep 30%!

You are allowed to add almost anything here for private usage, but that doesn't mean that you're allowed to use all kinds of emotions everywhere!

See also public emotions. Add your emotions below or do as you please with this page.


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