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Kaleigh's photos

My photography and some of people and myself!

Almost there...

Comment: I usually don't do too many black and white photo's, but I didn't like the colors when I looked back at this one. Again this is my neighbours' pasture, and the 'house' in the back is acutally an abandoned church in a graveyard. It's reason for being named Almost there... is because I'm writing a story that applies to a few of my photographs. I intend to set them in order to make the story fit...

Around the bend

Comment: This was a difficult photo to take. #1: the sun was behind me, so my shadow was getting in the way; #2: I was sitting in a tree right above the water, and almost fell out numerous times. But hey, I still managed to get the photo.

Cloud Pheonix and Dragon

Comment: You may not be able to see it, some people just don't have the ability to make their eyes see shapes in certain things, but in the clouds is a pheonix and a dragon. I took this photo during a baseball game, another sunset shot.


Comment: Some little critter prints in the sand. I think they may be opossum of raccoon, still not quite sure.

Dark Fog

Comment: Well, it was again, early in the morning, and I was waiting on the bus to go to school. It was raining too, and you can tell in the full view. Heh, again, the neighbours' pasture.

Dark Fog 2

Comment: Same day, same time, same pasture, different spot. I love this picture because of the trees. They look all scary and stuff. And I wish I could've had a rope swing in there just to make it a bit creepier, but alas, I didn't...

Dark Skys above a Dead Tree

Comment:Another somewhat classic photograph... I don't really favor the name of this photo, but it was the only thing that came to mind when I saw it. Also the photo is a bit out of focus... Blah, anyways, I had to crawl through a bunch of thorn bushes and climb up a tree to get over the barbed wire fence to get this photo in my neighbours' pasture.

Death at night

Comment: Another graveyard shot, and another nighttime shot.


Comment: When someone close to you dies, it turns your world completely sideways, as though it is against you and never pleasing... Another shot at sunset, but this time facing the sun. This was taken inside the abandoned graveyard obviously... I liked the tomb, and the sun was lined up perfectly, so here it is.

Discovered Beauty

Comment: This was truely the only pretty thing in the pasture I was hiking around in. Everything was dry, and dead, but then I came up over the hill and there they were. I don't quite like the photoshopping I did to them though... It's supposed to be like one of those 'BAM!' type things.

Hangin' Around

Comment: This is one of my best friends, Katy, or [teenage dirtbag baby], hanging from a sign on the road to our school. God, we're all either really weird, or just stupid. XD

Lonely Lands

Comment: Blah, again, I don't like the title for this photo. My neighbours' pasture yet again... This was at sunset, and the tree look a red color, which I really liked.

Morning Rise

Comment: A sunset. So classic... I wish I could've gotten the landscape along with it, but it was nothing pretty. I was half asleep when I took this photo too. It was around 6:00 AM and I had just rolled out of bed. But the colors are absolutely stunning, no?

Our point of view

Comment: This photograph is supposed to be from an animal's point of view.

The Road to the Dead

Comment: As I said in Almost there..., there is an abandoned church in a graveyard on the road I live on. Well, there's the road, and if you click the picture for full view, you'll be able to see the graveyard in the distance.


Comment: A swampy place on my road. Saw all those roots sticking up and had to have them!

Swamp 2

Comment: Another swamp shot. Nothing special, just like it.

Swamp 3

Comment: Yet another swamp photo. Again, nothing special...

The Damned Roots

Comment: One of my first photographs taken at night. The reason for its naming is because of how gnarled they look, and because of the darkness around it. I think the photograph looks quite sinister.

Your words...

Comment: Your words tell one thing, but your eyes say another... A quote, made up by me to go with this picture. And I actually didn't take a picture of my eye, but of myself, and when I zoomed in on my eye, I got this.

[Raiyr] and Bonnie

Comment: My dog, Bonnie, and me watching TV. ^.^

(From left to right): Me, Katy or [teenage dirtbag baby], and Justina or [The Invisigoth Chick!]

Comment: A picture of my friends and me. It was the last day of school for us, and my last day there at that school, so I was getting some photo's to remember us all.

Kaleigh or [Raiyr]

Comment: This photo was taken just yesterday (June 2, 2006), and is of me obviously! Lol, and [DARSH] likes my freckles! ^.^

Kaleigh's photos - camping - my camping trip for 2006
Kaleigh's photos - the beach - my vacation to the beach for 2006

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2006-08-14 [Librus]: YAY! Someone else with red hair and freckles! XD *no longer feels alone*

2006-08-14 [Raiyr]: Lol, well, my hair isn't red anymore at the moment. :/ It's got blonde highlights >_< I miss my red hair :/ Oh well... Hair always grows back :D But yay! Lol, I'm not alone anymore either! ^_^

2006-08-21 [lucifer's spawn]: Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2006-09-17 [DARSH]: OMG , u realy took thous pic , CANT BELIVE THAT , omg omg , thyr like the best pics ever seen ,
howlucky u could have chance to take thous shoots UL ALWAYS IMPRESS ME

2006-09-17 [Raiyr]: o.o ^^; Heheh... thanks Darsh. *rubs back of head*

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