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2006-06-30 16:39:21
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Kaleigh's photos - the beach

My vacation to the beach of 2006!

The beach!! YAY!

OOOH!!! Look! It's a baby coconut!!! It looks like a mutilated trible though XD You know what a trible is, right? O_o

ROFL! Look! Jaws has returned! For the Barbie dolls! XDXD

o_o It's a jellyfish... I ALMOST stepped on it!! x_x

Jelly fishy again...

Some prickly pear cactus that was at the beach. Thank god I didn't fall in that o_o

Oh! Pretty ^_^ I think that would make a great post card picture or something :)

Seashells by the grass ^_^

SOS!! XD My mom drew it in the sand with this broken mop handle I found. I saw the empty milk jug, and I had to have the picture ^_^

:o A broom! That we found on the beach! XD In all the seaweed. Get to work!!

Some landscape and such, and my mom off to the left.

Some of the beach water and my mom, looking at the sky :)

One gull, two gull, three gull, four! Look at all the seagulls! XD

Landscape/waterscape/skyscape XD


And MORE!!... And then this teeny tiny little spot of my mom's camaro. XD

I think this would make another good postcard picture. That seagull looks like he was just... There! xD

Look! :o He's looking right at you!!

Random flying seagull...

A shot of the pier and of the water.

The pier again...Less pier, more beach :) :D

Two flying seagulls ^_^

Pretty water... and sky :D

More water and sky ^_^

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2006-08-27 [POP goes the cork screw]: these r cool pics too XD XD XD XD XD

2006-08-27 [Raiyr]: Thanks lol. I like the jellyfish. I seriously almost stepped on it and was like "O.O; J-j-jelly... fish... Ack ><;"

2006-10-12 [Voice of the Voiceless]: Dude awsome! >< *picks up the dead jelly fish with his hands*

2006-10-21 [Raiyr]: Heh. Dang it... ;_; I miss EP so bad.

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