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[IT'S ANGEL!!!] :)

This is the base for the peoples who LOVE Angel / [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]!!!
Wiki page created by [Vaughne]
This page can be freely edited!

see in this pic you can see how big my nose really is >_< *pukes*
(By.[The Incredible Bulk]

Wanna know what Angel's wings look like? Sorta like this::

[Hello people, Angel talking. Feels GOOD to be loved! Haha... erm... yeah... heh.... OVER AND OUT!]

.......TO FIND A SPECIAL PERSON, .......
.........A DAY TO LOVE THEM, ........
..........AN ENTIRE LIFE TIME.........
..............TO 4GET THEM.............
.............U'LL NEVER 4GET..............
.........ITS A SHORT COMMENT..........
...........TO LET THEM KNOW.............
.......IT MEAN UR'RE IN A HURRY.......
..........AND THAT U 4GOTTEN.........
...............UR FRIENDZ

[emzy]-ur my cuz!- duh!!!
[;;Melodrama Junkie] Jump the list? I WOULD NEVER! Aw love ^^ You need like 500million wiki pages xD
[phoenixborn]. Angel I loves you! You rocks my non-existent toe-socks! And if I were even remotely gay I would marry you in a second. Or at least settle for casual sex. And yes, I did jump to the top of the list. What's your point? :P
[Vaughne] Angel you are my best buddy and I love you forever!!!!!!! thanks for just being there and for being the coolest, nicest guy ever! you know im always here for you <3
[Empty~Soul] yay!!
[madness] yay! i didnt know this page existed! angel protected me!!! yay!
[Glover.] your hair sucks worse than mine and thats saying something...
[nevan] :D You Rock!
[Necrobioticrash] SHITCUNT... Yeah thats right.
[no name ear] because you are one of my only friends on here haha... and i guess we are related 0_o
[(*|_Buster_|*)] He's a rapist. I saw 'im!
[Spoonmad] W00t, friends in killing!!
[i love david tennant FULL STOP] well im not really sure why i joined, well to explain myself i will write you an essay. well basically, cool as this thing is i didnt really know what i was doing at the time and i never realised that you could do this. when i signed up i had no idea what elfpack was, obviously now i do but im still a bit confused. you could say i joined this page/club/thing for advice?!?! well i dont know what the hell im supposed to say do i ? i am just stunned into a state of shock and i am writing whatever comes into my head. well, nice as this is i think i will stop now or you may kill me.... bye bye xxx no actually i think i will make it just a bit longer, its amazing, you see sometimes my imaginationm takes over and well i may never stop, ever...ever!!!!!! ok ok now i see your going red with anger so ( in my imagination obviously cos i cant actually see you,that would be amazing if i could but i cant im afraid. or so im told by the little man in my brain) ok good bye... actually no, i think i want to write just a little more. just to annoy you hehe soooo what a beautiful day it is today. a little snow on the ground, the sun in the sky and my fingers are really cold!!! so cold it hurts!!! 
[The Hidden Flame] Hi 'Angel' mind if I stick to Will lol! I can't believe people actually like this loser let alone love!!! Lol j/k mate see you. Fire, Fire!!! XD
[shinobi14] Hey, who doesnt love Angel? He is a good person, no matter how strange a person he is, a good person none the less ^___^. Hmmmm... He was there for me when i was upset. THAT counted. I value that a lot. And im totally liking the fact that he doesnt specify what gender he is in his house, too. Very cool. ^___^ You rock, Angel. XD
[Echoes in the moonlight] Heya Will!! ^__^ I think I'll do the same as Chris and stick to Will rather than 'Angel' ^__^ Hey great night the other night should do it more often, and maybe you should get your lazy ass into Science more often, stop abandoning me! It's fun fun fun, honest! ^__^
[The Incredible Bulk] no roooom...erm *tackle hugs everyone here*
[Miss.PYRO™] YOU PROPER ROCK. even if you complain abaout being thin ¬_¬. but you are still UBER COOL and definitely deserve this wiki. *hugs for angel*
[Luna Armonial] Ish my cool random friend Angel *clings & whispers* Ish mine !!!
[Supernova.] MY ANGEL *pockets Angel* miiiiine *pats pocket*
[Asator Stormbringer] Will.., this is my last promise to you, here, so everyone can see it.., I'll make you proud one last time bro, I'm gonna let everyone know what a great guy you where and still are, and I'll let you know, and everyone else, that every person on this page loves you, with every possible fiber of their being.., I know they do cuz you are an angel.
love you bro.
[Twisted Purgatory] Will you're a loser. And a twat. And many other things. And you're not as good as me. Oh and my play dough figures were better than yours in year 3. You know it's true. If you argue I shall eat you. No lie. Well other than that you're an okay guy (maybe...). Well okay you're one of the best mates I have and I love you. Happy now? You'd better be, you know how much it burns to say something nice.
[Maverick.] hey will you're a loser but i love you XD

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2008-06-21 [Empty~Soul]: if you're a perfect angel joshy i dont want you as my gardian angel

2008-06-21 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, shakes my head* I'm studying off, on need to take a break here & there.It's alot to crumble together, sort it out.But i'm getting there slowly but surely ^_^

2008-09-02 [Lonely Shadow]: -sighs and sits on my knees, then stares off into space wiping the tears- gods...

2008-09-02 [The Incredible Bulk]: *Hugs josh and leans my head on his shoulder* : (.
Ik hou vanjou hermano.

2008-09-02 [Lonely Shadow]: -laughs and nuzzles against you- interesting love, -licks your nose- tis alright love just a relapse

2008-09-02 [The Incredible Bulk]: Two Languages put in one sentance.
*Huggles you and prods Wills rock*

2008-09-02 [Luna Armonial]: *tilts my head in confusion but stays sitting under a nearby tree*

2008-09-02 [The Incredible Bulk]: ik hou van jou- i love you in dutch, Hermano- brother in spanish =D
*Huggles Angel's rock*

2008-09-02 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, nods*

2008-09-02 [Lonely Shadow]: -laughs- I know, why the hell I knew that is beyond me

2008-09-02 [Luna Armonial]: *shrugs* I have no idea, too tired to try & figure it out.

2008-09-02 [Lonely Shadow]: -shrugs and laughs- god he could of gotten any more sexy

2008-09-06 [Luna Armonial]: *stretches & sits down relaxing*

2008-09-06 [Lonely Shadow]: -laughs and plays with a rose-

2008-09-07 [Luna Armonial]: *puts rose crown & puts it on Josh's head then runs off*

2008-09-07 [Lonely Shadow]: intend to nail me to a cross next? -giggles and throws the rose into the air, then walks away-

2008-09-07 [Luna Armonial]: *shakes my head* No, besides the crown had no throwns.*holds up cut hands from removing thorns*

2008-09-07 [Lonely Shadow]: -wraps up your hands and hugs you tight- thanks sweetie

2008-09-07 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles* Your welcome, thank you.

2008-09-07 [Lonely Shadow]: ^^ not a problem -runs over and sits the crown on the ground, then runs off- I've got people to save, souls to collect and a sweetheart to be with after it's done ^^ so if I'm not exactly around a lot just know I'll be ok one way or another

2008-09-10 [Luna Armonial]: *nods sleepily then runs off*

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