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Elfpack's Halloween Festival


Welcome to Elfpack's Hallowe'en Festival! Here you can find all things of the Season, including graphics you can use, and exclusive contests! Have fun and be creative!

Ooops, it's not Halloween yet! Please come back later :)



Last Year's Contests

Halloween Costume Contest 2007

The clue is in the name ;) This is about Hallowe'en costumes! We're talking scary make-up, attention to detail and creative use of papier-mâché! Make yourself (or a victi-... er, volunteer) look festive and take a picture to send to us.
Deadline: 3rd November

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Writing 2007

There's a specific theme here for your writing: Trick-or-Treat. Whether it's dressing up or free candy that appeals to you, write about it! You can use the format of a poem or short story, as long as it's not too long!
[ Opening soon! ]
Deadline: Undecided


Your Stuff!

Your Hallowe'en-themed contests, graphics and links to other pages can go here. Simply add them as you wish :D

You can add your graphics directly to the page or put them on Elfpack Graphics. Every piece will go towards your very own artist badge! But please make sure your themed images are your own and uploaded to Elfpack!

-[Faith.Hope.Love] - *Artsie's* Halloween/Fall Art Halloween & Fall graphics that all Elfpackers can use on Elfpack. :D



Sponsored by Elfpack Contests and Elfpack Graphics.
Thanks to [Bookwyrm] for her lovely dividers :)

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2007-10-29 [kittykittykitty]: *cuts the ribbon* Elfpack's Halloween Fetival is officially OPEN :D Go wild, kids :B WILD!

2007-10-29 [Mom]: No art contest ugh? =\

2007-10-30 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Wasn't sure if you wanted the link I posted, but I put it there, b/c there are many graphics that can be used. :P I'm with [Mom]. What about some art? <img:cr-gif.gif>

2007-10-31 [james2077]: "Make yourself (or a victi-... er, volunteer)" ok so this does not have to be of me right can be of animals or anything as long as we made it our self right?

2007-10-31 [Delirious_Angel]: MOUNTAIN DEW NINJA STRIKES AGAIN!!!!


(Poof is my dissappearing ninja smoke)

2007-10-31 [Avrora_Black]: yeyy...I'll upload my costume soon ;)

2007-10-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: yay for Halloween! ^___^

2008-03-29 [kittykittykitty]: Woot Halloween ;O

Yes Artsie, that is the best place to put the link :P

Maybe next year there will be an art contest too ^^; I hope so... if I or some other crew member is organised and makes one in time :P

You can always make one yourself :):):)

2008-03-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Ok, good. :) Hmm...maybe Pumpkin Land Halloween Competitions & HALLOWEEN STORY COMPETITION should have been added here. O.o I'm not sure if there's a lack of getting the word out here or if members just don't want to be bothered to enter contests. It seems participation is lacking in any case. *sad* 

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