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Elfpack has its own official flag, and anthem, and this page is where you can see them both.


The Elfpack Flag

(Webart by [UncleBuzzie])


Elfpack Anthem

Ode to Melancholy
der wuz a sight calld elfpak
its da kewlest lil cyber shack
i wanted 2 b a gard der
coz den I cud flirt w/o care
u kno, itz got all the sexx0ring i lak

dammit, i wish i had better luk
y do i alwez hav 2 suck?
i need food, luv an care
not airplanz w/ lo fair
1 day, i swear i'll fcuk!

(Lyrics? by [Fanta Boi] and [Fanta gurl])

Also, [::You're So Last Tuesday::]'s MP3: <URL:stuff/epa-batman.mp3>


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2005-07-11 [Box]: to my next place to help bye for ever

2005-07-11 [De'ladrei]: uhm right then later [Box]

2005-07-18 [iCh3wi]: weird

2005-07-18 [De'ladrei]: mhm o.o

2005-08-05 [♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥]: ya know..that anthem is kinda says that elfpack is for cybering....its more than that..i think there could be a better anthem..

2005-08-05 [De'ladrei]: elfpack is the "prison" of elftown, what do you expect lol

2005-08-05 [Sunrose]: Whaaat? Someone defies the anthem? :O

2005-08-05 [De'ladrei]: Indeed flog em! flog em says I!!

2005-08-06 [joeluck]: elfpack isnt for cybering?? REVOLT!

2005-08-06 [Dwemer]: Check the username: ''[♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥]'' This person is just on flowers if you know what I mean ;)

2005-08-07 [♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥]: im sorry... but i do find it a bit offinsive...and im not on anything, its a name from a song. there are kids on this site and people who dont cyber. half the population dosnt cyber. so i just thing that haveing portraie as a cybering comunitie give the people who are aginst cybering a bad name

2005-08-07 [♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥]: and i shouldnt get shunned for my opinion. i have a right to an one asked for you to shun me. i just wanted to say my opinion on it and i know there are people on here that will agree with me

2005-08-07 [De'ladrei]: *sighs* elfpack was created to get the majority of elftown "scum" over here and away from harassing the members there. people like myself came on over here as we had nothing better to do at the time and then ended up working here. there are a few "rays of light" on here, but look around you on here, majority of the little kiddies are hell bent on sex. the anthem is a JOKE if you cant deal with that you are on the wrong site.

2005-08-08 [joeluck]: yess come to the dark side..

2005-08-08 [bribri]: i don't see what the anthem has to do with elfpack

2005-08-08 [bribri]: i mean i know it's a joke,...but come on..

2005-08-08 [bribri]: and i agree with [♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥] because i dont cyber either

2005-08-08 [De'ladrei]: *sighs and gives up*

2005-08-08 [Dwemer]: Just read what [De'ladrei] wrote earlier on. *sighs*

2005-08-23 [♥Y00H D0N`T SEE MEH♥]: well then why arnt all the littel "scums" over here? i get bugged on ET more then on here, this places seemes to be alot nicer than ET. and still i get shuned even more for my opinions, so i give up on you people im sorry that you have to think everyone elses opinions are worthless. they have medication for that you know =P

2005-08-23 [De'ladrei]: yes, and being hit by a bus would have the same effect for you im sure

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