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Welcome to Elfpack Houses Rules. Because it's already hard enough for me to make a house, your description of what you want shouldn't be too hard, that's why I have these rules:


1. First; go to Elfpack Houses -- Templates and choose your template

2. Second; go to Elfpack Houses -- Characters and choose your character you want in your picture.

3. Optional; go to: Elfpack Houses -- Monsters and choose a monster you want in your picture, this is optional!

4. Fourth: Send me [Dwemer] a message with these 3 numbers!


So please send me a form like this to me [Dwemer] :

Template: <number here>

Character: <number here>

Monster: <number here>

Send me a form like this and you will receive your house as soon as possible!


Do you want to see a example of a Elfpack house? Go to: Elfpack Houses -- Example


                                    Go to:
                                    Elfpack Houses

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