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2007-05-06 20:56:45
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Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Montenegro

First time as their own country. Last year they should have been competing together with Serbia, but they couldn't agree on what to send, so they didn't.

Participant: Stevan Faddy
Song: Hajde Kroci
National selection:


No, it doesn't start "Living, living after midnight!" (Judas Priest):

Lyrics of 'Ajde Kroči

Čija si lijepa đevojko,
poljubiću tvoje crno oko

‘Ajde kroči, kroči i poskoči,
ti si meni zapela za oči

Poljubi me lijepa đevojko,
da poletim kao sivi soko

‘Ajde kroči, kroči i poskoči,
da ih je sedam nikome te ne dam

Tako si lijepa kao sva mora,
kad u tvom oku budi se zora, ljubavi

English translation

Whenever we meet, you just walk by
but I can see the fire in your eye
Come on, step up, you will be my lover,
in my life there'll never be another

Give me your heart and I will fly
like an eagle soaring to the sky
Yes, come forward, let me feel your fire
Don't you see the surge of my desire?

Oh, just say a word and I will surrender
Oh, this is the passion I will remember
all my life

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2007-05-06 [Hedda]: The lyrics doesn't fit as far as I could see.

Good song, but it should have been in an understandable language and maybe a little better done.

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