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If you love Books as much as we, at Elfpack Book Club, love books then please add your name below! When you join please add our banner to your Elfpack House with the link below! :D


Our Banner!

Please copy this into your Elfpack House with the link below it ^^


<wikiimg:Elfpack Book Club@wiki:stuff/bannerbook2.php.jpeg.jpg>


Book Lovers!

[Cerulean Sins] - I am a lover of Paranormal Romance, Romance, Mystery/suspense and Young Adult novels. I love my kindle but I do love the feeling of a paper or hard back in my hands. I <3 the smell of books :D

[Ringbearer]: I am a lover of suspence and action, as well as some horror and some non-fiction as well (mainly WW2). I guess a jack of all trades. I usually ready every day for sleep for at least 30 min.


[kittykittykitty] I love reading fantasy, and looking at crafty and how-to books. Can't get into these newfangled kindle thingies... nothing beats a real book! *cheers for libraries*

[Sonya Blue]


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<img:stuff/asb2.gif> EBC Lovers!
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2012-02-16 [kittykittykitty]: I just added the code for the banner, so people can copy it straight onto their house :D Hope that's ok

2012-02-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Aye that's a grand idea! :D
I never thought of it lol XD

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