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Moderated and designed by [Morgoth]


Tournament Begins: 201?-??-?? (subject to change)


Once all the participants have signed up, each member will be paired up for the first rounds of the tournament. To play, you must first sign up at and list your username on the list below. Becoming a member of is quick and easy. All you have to do is activate your account through your email address.

As soon as everyone has joined, a bracket will be made and you will be paired with your first opponent. First, you or your opponent will need to create a game. Creating a game is simple. Just enter the name of your opponent in the appropriate section and decide on the "time per move" (preferably 1 day). You can create a game here: (you should probably give [Morgoth] a link to your game once you've started, so he can watch it).

If you enter this tournament, you can win any one of these fine, fabulous prizes:


First place will receive this finely sculpted, golden king.


Second place gets this okay, but not as great, silver bishop.


All participants will get this inexplicably sparkling brick, whether they like it or not.
(If you do not want this brick in your Elfpack house, simply provide your address and we'll promptly deliver a brick through your window.)

If you have any questions, see [Morgoth] or, preferably, send [Stephen] 37 annoying messages in a row.


Chess Tournament - Games


PARTICIPANTS: (your EP username and then your username)

1. [Morgoth] (Mortified_Penguin)
2. [Orestez] (Orestez)
3. [idunnosomething] (SagaciousTurkey)
4. [vagina bob] (Deadwater62)


1070) Should this be a double or single elimination tournament? (Administrator: [Stephen])

Number of voters: 19
* a) double
Number of votes: 4 (21%)

* b) single
Number of votes: 2 (11%)

* c) Erotic
Number of votes: 13 (68%)


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2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: None of you answered my question which is the most important thing.

2013-02-01 [GlassCasket]: I did :D

2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: So? Start hacking? Did your machete break...??!

2013-02-01 [GlassCasket]: I use big sticks, not machetes :P

2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: Whatever gets the job done... blunt or splintered?
My answer?

2013-02-01 [GlassCasket]: yes

2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: ...
* swallows self into an Ouroboros *

2013-08-07 [DeeJay™]: i'm terrible at chess. but i'll give it a g-.. wait, is this thing still on? lol

2013-08-07 [Morgoth]: YES.

2013-08-12 [Stephen]: You should release this, Morty. :P

Just finish the rest of the needed information up and write an article about it in the community news, over the Easter information.

2013-08-12 [Morgoth]: But the information is finished. D:

2013-08-12 [DeeJay™]: erm, btw... what's the difference between a single and a double elimination? is it as simple as it sounds?

2013-08-12 [Morgoth]: Probably. In a single elimination tournament, if you lose once, you're out.

2013-08-12 [DeeJay™]: aaand, you play a different player each game? how does that work, exactly? two 'losers' face-off for a spot in the next round?

2013-08-13 [Morgoth]: Yeah, you play a different player each game, for the most part. There is a chance you may have to face someone twice though. In a double elimination tournament, there are two brackets. When you lose your first game, you get sent to the second bracket. So to lose the tournament, you have to lose twice, once in each bracket.

2013-08-13 [Morgoth]: Like this:


2013-08-13 [Morgoth]: Actually, you could possibly have to play the same person three times. But that's not very likely.

2013-08-13 [Morgoth]: There, every member of Elfpack has now been invited here.

2013-08-13 [DeeJay™]: complicated! but sure, i'll play. and i think the double elimination will let me waste more of someone's time, so let's go for that!

2013-09-30 [GlassCasket]: i win.

2013-12-20 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: id like to sign up!!

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