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This wiki STILL wins! That's right! I'm willing to wait three years until everyone has forgotten what this was all about and then rehash an old argument! SUCK IT, Elfpack crew!

Behold! Bob's inventory of stolen honestly earned trophies:

<img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3wiki.gif><img50*0:stuff/1Pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3pet.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1b0y.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/3boy.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif><img50*0:stuff/besthouse2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/besthouse3.gif> <img50*0:stuff/1wiki.gif> <img50*0:stuff/2wiki.gif> 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2013-11-04 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Time to hunt for truffles lol

2013-11-14 [I'm gone.]: ...?

2013-11-14 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Everyone got invited. - hands [I'm gone.] a mask - don't know what diseases run through here.

2013-11-15 [I'm gone.]: Lol *takes mask and puts it on* thanks

2013-11-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Your welcome ^^

2013-11-15 [I'm gone.]: *Eats chicken sandwich with fries honey mustard and Dr. pepper*

2013-11-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - drinks a glass of rum -


2013-11-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: What?

2013-11-15 [I'm gone.]: OMG!!! JUST...... OMG!!!!

2013-11-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Calm down it's okay. Just breath. So he popped out of a tolet?

2013-11-18 [I'm gone.]: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

2013-11-18 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That's where I would of flushed it and made him go back down the toilet.

2013-11-20 [I'm gone.]: XDDDD LOL

2013-11-20 [I'm gone.]: But not if he has anything to say about it...XD 

2013-11-20 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That's what an AK47 with a grenade luncher attachment on it is for. Lol

2013-11-21 [I'm gone.]: XD but he's so slenderful......

2013-11-21 [Dead_Man_Walking]: But he can't with stand a grenade. XD

2013-11-21 [I'm gone.]: XD but he is a fricken ghost or demon or whatever! He is invincible!!

2013-11-21 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Shot gun with rock salt rounds then XD

2013-11-21 [I'm gone.]: XDDDD THAT might work but it only sends u out with a flashlight.. I think I should suggest MORE weapons lol

2013-11-22 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: haha there's one slenderman game where you have a gun but it doesnt kill him. slender never dies....O_o.....

2013-11-22 [I'm gone.]: I didn't know that although there is all kinds of slender games I have played one that had slender twins

2013-11-23 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: oh epic

2013-11-23 [I'm gone.]: I know right! I was really scared in that game!

2013-11-24 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That's ware a little modification of the game comes in handy. lol

2013-11-24 [I'm gone.]: Lol :P

2013-11-26 [I'm gone.]: O.O slender hasn't even popped up yet.... NOW I am 87% close to having a heart attack......

2013-11-26 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Keep calm lol

2013-11-26 [I'm gone.]: *tries to keep breathing* D:

2013-11-27 [Dead_Man_Walking]: You'll beat the game

2013-11-28 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: *fans you* breaaaaathe!!!

2013-12-01 [Genocide.]: Waka Waka Waka Waka

2013-12-01 [I'm gone.]: XD well.... I am trying to beat it while eating chicken sandwiches with extra mayo lol

2013-12-01 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Well that explains a lot lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol *stuffs rest of chicken sandwich in my mouth* :D

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That should help out a lot lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: How's the game going? Lol ^^

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Well... he just now popped up RIGHT when I got the 3RD page...

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Nice

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: He is usually on u one your at the 5th or 6th TOTALLY 7th but the highest I ever gotten to is 6

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: He might be getting weaker.

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: But one time he was like...... ON ME when I was up to 3 pages

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That kinda reminds me of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Had a guy online sleek up on me and fallow me all over. Lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: I shot him when I found out he was behind me. Lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol cool

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: That guy was trying to find my hiding spots lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: XD well it lucky u discovered him just in time

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Right lol

2013-12-02 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2013-12-02 [Dead_Man_Walking]: ^^



2013-12-11 [Nekko fox]:


2013-12-11 [Nekko fox]:


2013-12-11 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Chill out dude

2013-12-11 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: *is blown away from all the O's* O_O.....

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: I know right!!! What is wrong [Nekko fox]?

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: DMW, you're fired for telling your direct supervisor and porn correspondent to chill.

Hinata, you've been promoted to 'Porn Correspondee'.

Silver, you've got latrine duty this week.

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: What the neck is latrine duty??? I don't even work here!

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: Now if you all don't mind, I have work to do.

*goes back to reading 'Supervisor Weekly: a monthly Gazette' periodical*

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: If you have questions, please direct them to HR.

*Indicates a Pedro that is wearing spectacles*

Damn it Pedro, those are for guests only!

*Pedro sadly removes his prescription glasses and struggles to read the questions the employees have written down for him in triplicate*

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: XD *sits at table and looks at menu*

I will have....:

A gnome schnitzel a horse raddish bananna juice and chocolate pie :D

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: You're not my boss or porn instructor [Nekko fox]. Don't come in to my shop anymore since you tried to fire me.

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: YEAH!!!! >:0 *says while noms on gnome schnitzel*

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: *Puts DMW on the menu*

Too late, Dead Man, you've already been fired. speak to Corporate if you have issues.

Silver, those Schnitzels are $12.75 each.

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: K *pays extra* =D

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: One problem fox. I bought you out and I am your boss. You can't fire th CEO.

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: You can't buy out public entities Dead Man.

*angry people still blame Dead Man for the food and living conditions at Bob's Diner*

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: I didn't buy the dinner. Lol

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: *They still blame you*

*Concerns citizens fill the diner and lynch Dead Man for being the CEO of such a corrupt and morally bankrupt establishment. they also hate CEOs in general. Nekko watches impartially as DMW's body is then burned at the stake*

Good thing I'm just the supervisor.

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Your on toilet duty

2013-12-12 [Nekko fox]: *Throws a Paco over his shoulder towards the restrooms*

I'm getting overtime for this. Also, you should put on some skin, the rest of yours seems to have burned off.

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - loads paint ball gun - who else wants to have a fox hunt?

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: O.o *ducks under table so won't get shot and takes food with me*

2013-12-12 [Dead_Man_Walking]: [I'm gone.] don't worry. [Nekko fox] is the target lol

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: XD ok *returns to table then drinks bandanna juice*

2013-12-13 [Nekko fox]: *Loads brain-melting music into his music box*

Who wants to hunt zombies? You know, because they are dead men walking.

I'm implying your brain will melt DMW.

I'm also implying that your fired.

Also, put on some skin, there are ladies present.

2013-12-13 [I'm gone.]: He is human! *gets another paintball gun that DMW had then points gun at [Nekko fox]* U TAKE THAT BACK ABOUT DMW!

2013-12-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - points paint ball gun at [Nekko fox] -

2013-12-13 [Nekko fox]: *Points zombie hoard at the two of them*

Seems we have ourselves a Guadalajaran stand-off.

2013-12-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: -grabs two AK47s and tosses one to [Nekko fox] -

2013-12-14 [Nekko fox]: *starts shooting dinner*

*Dinner is made of dozens of Pacos*


*the zombies go about doing Zombie things, mostly bumping into walls and one another, occasionally falling over, and sometimes falling into holes*

2013-12-14 [I'm gone.]: THAT'S IT! *uses zombie whistle and sends them on [Nekko fox]*

2013-12-14 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - steps back -

2013-12-14 [I'm gone.]: * then throws glitter on [Nekko fox]*

2013-12-15 [Nekko fox]: *Watches lazily as the zombies awkwardly start shuffling towards him...then past him, and then into the basement*

*goes back to reading 'Raising and Breeding Zombies: A Good Thing?'*

says here they need plenty of exercise. Isn't that a damned shame.

2013-12-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - shoots zombies -

2013-12-15 [Nekko fox]: *the zombies don't care, or seem to register the fact that someone is shooting them*

Hm, maybe I should have raised those Resident Evil zombies, rather than just corporate zombies...

2013-12-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - smiles and draws my swords -

2013-12-15 [Nekko fox]: Watch out for the Ninja Zombies.

2013-12-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - looks behind me and see the ninja zombie has a bullet hole in its head -

2013-12-16 [I'm gone.]: *gets a super mega zombie killer gun* EVERYONE get down!!! *shoots all zombies killing them all in a blink of an eye*

2013-12-16 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - looks at [SilverSky] and cuts off the last zombies head - Ware do I get one of those?

2013-12-16 [Nekko fox]: *watches as the Ninja Zombies promptly murder Silver and Deadman*

The others were illusions.

*Nekko's head is hanging from a ninja zombie belt*

Fuck, now how am I going to cover my scarf expenses?

2013-12-16 [I'm gone.]: *is alive and so is dead man and [Nekko fox] is shocked when sees dead zombies on floor*

2013-12-16 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - looks down and sees one alive still and chops it's head off -

2013-12-16 [I'm gone.]: PHEW! Hopefully that's all taken care of

2013-12-16 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Gotta check and make sure

2013-12-16 [I'm gone.]: Ok

2013-12-16 [Dead_Man_Walking]: -chops another zombies head off -

2013-12-16 [I'm gone.]: *all zombies are dead but blood is everywhere* o.0

2013-12-17 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Well let's clean up. That means you to [Nekko fox]

2013-12-17 [I'm gone.]: *gets a mop and also hands [Nekko fox] one then starts mopping the floor*

2013-12-17 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - grabs rags and starts cleaning the counters off -

2013-12-18 [I'm gone.]: *scrubs the walls with sponges*

2013-12-18 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - helps scrub the walls -

2013-12-18 [I'm gone.]: Thanks =D

2013-12-18 [Dead_Man_Walking]: You're welcome

2013-12-18 [I'm gone.]: ;) *continues scrubbing the walls then moves on to the windows*

2013-12-19 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - starts cleaning the kitchen -

2013-12-20 [I'm gone.]: *cleans the bathroom* speaking of that... I gotta take a dump! *closes door then goes* ahhh! =D *continues cleaning*

2013-12-20 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - washes dishes -

2013-12-20 [I'm gone.]: *puts up all cleaning supplies* THERE! =D dang... those zombies really know how 2 mess up

2013-12-20 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Right

2013-12-20 [I'm gone.]: *makes me a sandwich* want one?

2013-12-20 [Dead_Man_Walking]: No thanks, thinking about demoting [Nekko fox]

2013-12-20 [I'm gone.]: Lol ok ^.^ *Eats my sandwich*

2013-12-30 [Nekko fox]: *walks in, throws DMW in the bathroom and then hucks Sammy into the soup*

You're both demoted to Paco as of today.

*Paco looks up, disbelief and joy sparkling in his eyes8

Paco, your demoted to Puh-coh.

*Paco, now Puh-Coh, bursts into tears and drags his feet on his way to feed the leopards*

2013-12-30 [Nekko fox]: *sits down and eats his ramen while watching The Mort Show (not accepted through major networks or social functions)*

2013-12-30 [I'm gone.]: *sits outside the diner while crazy stuff is going on in there*

2013-12-30 [Nekko fox]: Quiet Sammy, you're soup now. Also, table number four needs to be bused.

*The 11 o' clock Greyhound to Lauterdale plows through table four*

Nevermind, the new guy took care of it.

2013-12-30 [I'm gone.]: Wait... who r u telling to be quiet? Me or [sammy h!] ???

2013-12-31 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Quite fox, you're scaring away the chostomers XD

2013-12-31 [I'm gone.]: XD yeah..... he Is but u know.... u already have creeper here... MEEE XP

2013-12-31 [I'm gone.]: Look at #46 and #30 I added some stuff ;D

2014-01-03 [Morgoth]: *bursts in, knocking several chostomers to the ground*


*kicks an old lady in the ribs*


*smacks a screaming child


*eats ramen*

*grabs his weekly salary of $7000 from the register and immediately puts it all on 33 black at the Indian Casino in the corner*

*the wheel inexplicably lands on 33 dark gray and the Indian Warlord takes all of Mort's chips, except the barbecue flavored ones, because Indians hate barbecue*

*shrugs and grabs another $7000 before revving up his tractor and driving out the front door, plowing down table 6 and running over several more chostomers, a health inspector, and four Pacos*

2014-01-03 [Morgoth]: *drives back in through the front door in a completely different tractor*

DMW, clean up these tractor tire marks that someone left all over the place! Here, catch! *throws a broken mop violently into the furnace, which explodes for some reason*

Sammy, you take this plate labeled "Order 66" to storage!

Table 3, you serve table 8!

Table 9, you stay golden. *the handsome party at table 9 nods politely and resumes eating their hearty liver plates and their livery heart side orders*

*ignores an annoying old man's request for order 66 and drives out a new hole in the wall in a third, completely different tractor, leaving his old tractor parked on top of table 2*

2014-01-03 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: *is watching all the ruckus and commotion* hmm...seem normal enough :3

2014-01-04 [I'm gone.]: *gets off the ground* well.... at least my skittles are safe! =D

2014-01-04 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Watch it, our boss might take them to.

2014-01-06 [=Φ.Φ=]: Can I get a mystery meat juice/period blood shake to go?

2014-01-06 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Yes you may. :) - gives the costumer there order in a to go bag and cup - have a nice day

2014-01-06 [I'm gone.]: *Eats all red skittles then moves on 2 the Orange 1's*

2014-01-07 [idon'tknow]: green ones never get no love :(

2014-01-07 [I'm gone.]: Yeah to me they taste a little weird but I eat them anyway

2014-01-09 [Morgoth]: Fuck purple Skittles. Purple is the worst tasting of all the colors! Even indigo and violet are better!

2014-01-09 [Dead_Man_Walking]: I wouldn't know. It's been a long time since I had skittles.

2014-01-09 [I'm gone.]: I like the red ones the best also the Orange ones

2014-02-07 [I'm gone.]: WHERE ARE ALL THE SANDWICHES????!!!!! :0

2014-02-08 [Deg]: I TOOK THEM. Deal with it. MUNCH MUNCH MUCH *HACK CHOKES!!*

2014-02-08 [Dead_Man_Walking]: - gives [Deg] the hymlick maneuver -

2014-02-08 [I'm gone.]: *sits on diner with chicken*

2014-02-16 [I'm gone.]: CRAP! There's a hole in mah jukebox straw >:( *gets an idea then grabs juicebox and squirts it into mouth*

2014-03-04 [I'm gone.]: HEY PPL OF EP! WHY U NO SHOW DIS DINER SUM LUV???????

2014-03-04 [Sunrose]: :O

2014-03-04 [Dead_Man_Walking]: :0

2014-03-29 [Stephen]: Out of all the pages I see Sunrose comment on, I'm not surprised to see her on the Diner, haha.

Mort's pretty inactive (despite having crew-privs and jobs *grumble*) so the Diner isn't nearly as entertaining as Elftown's. x)

2014-03-29 [Sunrose]: Hehe :)

2014-04-09 [Morgoth]: My job barely counts as a job! Gimme better privs and I'll work harder, since I consider privs my pay.

2014-06-19 [GlassCasket]: Quack

2014-12-19 [Morgoth]: Dammit [Stephen], why did you add that menu?! What do you think this is, some kind of diner?!

2014-12-19 [idunnosomething]: There we go. Every single member of Elfpack has now been invited to Bob's Diner to share in this victory over the defeated and shamed crew.

2015-01-08 [The Goddamn Batman]: Shut up, [Stephen]!! *shoves him down the stairs with both hands before casually returning to chewing on the severed zebra head, with thirty $2 stamps stapled to it, he's holding with both hands, that arrived earlier today*

2015-02-06 [AdamTheChespin]: Hi guys!

2015-02-11 [GlassCasket]: bwomp

2015-03-21 [JUST JESS]: Bobs diner whoooooooo!!!

2015-09-22 [---Blind Spot---]: Hello there

2016-01-06 [Yudan333]: well... o-kay then >_>

2016-01-25 [GlassCasket]: O.o

2016-11-11 [AdamTheChespin]: Hai

2017-01-22 [GlassCasket]: oh no

2017-07-17 [WonderTweek]: lol

2017-07-25 [Larova]: *Runs off with one of the trophies* <img50*0:stuff/besthouse1.gif>

2017-10-01 [---Blind Spot---]: my name is chad edwards calfrobe. on facebook add me

2017-10-15 [AdamTheChespin]: Rawr

2017-10-19 [Morgoth]: MY TROPHY! I earned that fair and square!

2018-01-27 [---Blind Spot---]: Hi people

2018-03-22 [AdamTheChespin]: Hey

2018-04-30 [Morgoth]: *shoves [AdamTheChespin] down six flights of stairs*


2018-09-11 [WonderTweek]: *twitch*

2019-05-15 [---Blind Spot---]: Hinagain

2019-05-27 [Morgoth]: What happened to all those trophies I earned?!

2019-05-27 [Morgoth]: There, fixed it.

2019-08-10 [Nekko fox]: Well holy shit boys, Facebook is in some deep shit.

2020-07-19 [Morgoth]: Nonsense, Zuck is a SAINT.

2020-07-29 [sexy vampire]: hey

2020-08-08 [Morgoth]: A SAINT, YOU BITCH!

2020-09-14 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Um okay then

2020-10-29 [Morgoth]: Just stopping by to make sure my trophies are still here.

2021-02-18 [Morgoth]: Yep, trophies are still here. I'll check again in another few months. DON'T TOUCH MY TROPHIES.

2021-11-03 [Box]: I will take them

2021-12-28 [Sunrose]: Oh hello.

2022-01-18 [---Blind Spot---]: is this place still goijg

2022-01-19 [Sunrose]: Surely, we're here!

2022-05-25 [Morgoth]: This branch was shut down by corporate. Not enough asbestos in the building.

2022-05-25 [Morgoth]: DON'T TOUCH MY TROPHIES.

2022-06-05 [Sunrose]: Not even with my pinky? ;_;

2022-06-07 [Morgoth]: I've seen where you put that pinky!

2022-06-10 [Sunrose]: Wait, what? Where?! *shocked* :O

2022-06-11 [Morgoth]: In your EAR. You SICK BASTARD. *bravely slaps [AdamTheChespin]*

2022-06-15 [Sunrose]: Can't deny that, but my ears are clean though..

2022-08-30 [---Blind Spot---]: chad edwards calf robe on facebook

2022-09-07 [Sunrose]: That's a very long name..

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