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Welcome to bloody beautiful..
The place for the most elegant, sophisticated, cultured and damned right beautiful, of the human race.
Think you have what it takes to be a member? Are you beautiful inside and out?
Contact either [Cloud Natiion] or [Zombiie Natiion],
and if we think you would be an asset for our ever growing clan of beauts,
we might just let you in ;D.


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bloody beautiful. members list *2*

You Wanna Be On Top?


bloody beautiful. is for sophisticated members of EP, and
stupid, reckless, hateful, meaningless, dull, degrading comments will not be tolerated,
and leaving such in our forum will result in immediate expulsion from the wiki, and we
will be taking it up further with the guards.
SO behave.



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2009-12-15 [Tis gone but never gone]: May I join?

2009-12-23 [Cloud Natiion]: Yes you may :)

Hehe josh is gaaay :P

2009-12-23 [Tis gone but never gone]: Thank you ^^

2009-12-23 [Cloud Natiion]: no problem :D

2009-12-23 [Tis gone but never gone]: ^^

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: I'm not gay :p Not after what I did to you last night ;]

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Aha! xD you're such a perv :P

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: Me and Beth had sex everybody

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Whose Beth?

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: LOL well me and [Cloud Natiion] had sex then :L

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Shhh Josh, everyone doesnt need to know ;]

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: That's true ;] That Hotel again yeah?

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Same time same place :P

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: It's on.

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Brrring it.

2009-12-24 [Joshua.]: I brought it last night ;]

2009-12-24 [Cloud Natiion]: Fuck yeah you did, 4 hours solid you brought it ;)

2009-12-24 [Zombiie Natiion]: ahem ¬_¬ i hardly think that is apropriate chatter for BB <.< do we know who [DD 4 u] is?

2009-12-25 [Cloud Natiion]: LOL
sorry xD he started it!
And no, we don't know her or appreciate her stupid comments.

2009-12-26 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: wow that girl [DD 4 u] wrote me saying stupid stuff.. is she writing stupid stuff on here too?

2009-12-26 [Joshua.]: Do you want me to hurt DD 4 U ? Lmao

2009-12-26 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: Im pretty sure we do(: lol..

2009-12-26 [Zombiie Natiion]: yeah she sent me a ridiculous message but i think i shut her up.

2009-12-26 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: haha she wrote saying "if i were you i put different pictures up you look a mess.." then i didnt understand what she was saying to me so i told her to get a life and she hasnt wrote me haha

2009-12-26 [Cloud Natiion]: Yeah, she messaged zombiie, simply saying "slut." I think she's just some jealous moron who needs to grow up. Ignore her, girls :)
And thhanks Josh, but we can handle it ;D

2009-12-26 [Joshua.]: Oh she is a girl LOL thougt it was lad :L

2009-12-27 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: wow i think its lame how people just go around saying random crap haha.. it kinda seems like shes saying it to everyone that in BB hahah thats sadd

2009-12-27 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: and hahahah... why did you think she was a guy? haha

2009-12-27 [Zombiie Natiion]: just ignore her Miz :)

2009-12-27 [Joshua.]: Cause there was some right dickhead in the photos with her haha

2009-12-28 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Holy crap, sorry that I've been away for so long. Tryin' to get a job and it sucks >_>

2009-12-28 [Cloud Natiion]: Awwwh still no luck? You'll get one sooon :D

2009-12-28 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: Oh haha Josh thats funny. when she first wrote me< i thought she was a guyy to hahah(:

2009-12-28 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Thanks for the words of encouragement, Cloud. I appreciate it =)

2009-12-30 [Cloud Natiion]: Any time ^-^ But I have no doubt you'll get one :D

2010-01-01 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: YAY!

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: hello beautiful people

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Hey :D

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: it has beeen sooo long since i have been on lol how is everyone doing?

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: I've been good. I'm a bit cold right now and I need smoke but I'm doing good. Yourself?

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: it was quite warm today so i had a good time. i had to go to work and do nothing at all.. that was boring. but it was an average day i guess ^.^ oh.. i fixed my shower! YAY!

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Yay! Sounds like a good day, doll ^^
We have lots and lots of snow here *pouts* I hate the snow.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: how can you hate the snow? its so pure! yeah its cold but it puts a smile on everyones faces when they see if slowly drifting across there line of sight... you cant hate that can you? ^.^

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Okay yeah I do like the snow but it pisses me off at times when you have to forces your front door open just to get outside.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: haha... that would get annoying for shore. im glad texas doesn't snow that much ^.^

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Well I live in Scotland and it's snowing right now. And we have already 2-3 feet of snow.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: dang.. thats alot... do you live up in the mountains?

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: I live in the Scottish borders.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: oohh. is it beautiful there?

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Ummm....well I have livied int the borders my whole life so I would say it looks like town in Scotland or England.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: your lucky... i was never able to live somewhere.. i had to move every year so i dont have a home town.. i guess you can call badkitzingen germany my home town since i was born there and lived there for like 3 years lol.

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Aww that's a shame doll.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: yeah, but it shaped me into what i am now... someone who is beautiful not only on the outside but the inside as well

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: That's good.

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: well it was nice talking with you and i hope you can get ot of your house the next time you try to get out lol. i am going to the sleeping pallet and dream of what life would be like if i had super powers haha night

2010-01-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: Sleep well, night :D

2010-01-07 [pRiN¢€ ¢HaRmInG]: thanks ~.^

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: hay you guys long time no talk i just wanted to say hello to all =)

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: Hey doll :)

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: how are you hunni ?

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: I'm good, doll ^^ I got my hair dyed pink a couple of days ago.

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: sweet lol imma natural red head i dont dye my hair lol i did one time black lol took forever to get bak normal =)

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: Ah i see, I bet it did forever to get eh black out.

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: lol yea not to mention like 100 bucks lol

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: It costed you a $100 to get the black out? :O

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: yeap my mom was so pisssed lol but idk it looked pretty good

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: Wow! XD

2010-01-25 [your_bunnii 13]: lol yea but ne ways imma go for a run it was nice talkin to you hunni ... have a good day =)

2010-01-25 [Tis gone but never gone]: Okay, have fun on your run, doll :D

2010-02-21 [your_bunnii 13]: how is evveryone =)

2010-02-22 [~Mystical Misty~]: I'm doing good, how are you bunnii?

2010-02-22 [your_bunnii 13]: im great lol met an amazing guy lol he spoils me tho lol ..and life is awesome =)

2010-02-23 [~Mystical Misty~]: That's awesome, I think you and me are the only two here.

2010-02-23 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Nah. You guys aren't the only ones here. I've been in a self imposed exile XD.

2010-02-23 [chesire_ the cizat7]: hey chicas and chicos lol if there is any i got new pics plztell me what you think oh and look at my art to plz thank you 

2010-02-24 [~Mystical Misty~]: Will do hun. *goes to look*

2010-03-03 [your_bunnii 13]: lol nah ppl are in here all the time lol

2010-03-04 [~Mystical Misty~]: Well they aren't commenting.

2010-03-05 [your_bunnii 13]: idk they look at it alot lol but idk what happend to cloud and zombie lol they juss left it abandond lol i miss em

2010-03-06 [~Mystical Misty~]: Me too.

2010-03-06 [your_bunnii 13]: lol yuppers =)

2010-03-09 [chesire_ the cizat7]: yea it has been a while snce they have edted it

2010-03-10 [~Mystical Misty~]: *nods*

2010-03-11 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Man, one of my favorite actors died today. I'm sad.

2010-03-12 [~Mystical Misty~]: You talking about Corey Haim?

2010-03-13 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Yeah. :/

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: I take my shirt off and all the hoes stop breathin.

2010-03-14 [Ihsahn]: sure you do.. sure...

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: *resists temptation to be rude*

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: ha

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: ew

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: My thoughts exactly.

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: On yourself?
Because if so,
your right.

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: Cute. But I meant you, silly. Also. It's 'you're'. Not 'your'. Nice grammar, moron. As far as your pathetic attempt at an insult? Well, there are quite a few people who would very much disagree. Including myself. Probably you as well. You just won't admit it because you're too into yourself to admit someone is attractive when they call you out for being rather grotesque in appearance.

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: Haha, wow really?
I mean how do you think your pretty?
Your ugly, and you weigh more than me.
Thats sad.
Its a good thing your smart because
you have nothing else.
Beside them fat rolls.
Ewww, nasty.

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: Oh, honey. I'm sorry that's the best you could come up with. Fat jokes? What a shame. I'm gorgeous. I know it. Lots of other people agree. Your bloated ego amuses me. As do your pathetic insults with crappy grammar. What are you? A 6th grader? Keep 'em coming. I love idiotic crap like this. It always comes from you generic emo/scene kids. So adorable.

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: Emo, haha.
Right, you guessed me.
Well auctally im not emo.
Im me.
Haha, and if you wanna talk about bloated look at that third chin you got.
Your not pretty.
Trust me.
No one like a cocky ugly fat
vampire nerd.
So ima be the better person
and walk away.
You can be the bigger person.
And eat like you always do.

2010-03-14 [Ihsahn]: I don't see a third chin, lol you're so tripping.

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: Third chin? Riiight. No idea where the vampire thing came from. I may be cocky but I'm sure as hell not fat or ugly. Nobody likes a lame emo kid that goes around thinking he's hot shit. Since... you know. You all look alike. I just love how all you can come up with is fat comments though. That's all any of you retards can come up with for insults. But I don't give a fuck. Because this is the internet. Unlike you, I have a real life. So while you might be popular with all your little internet friends, I actually have real life friends and a real life boyfriend. I laugh at your internet relationship.

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: Check out my myspace.
Youll find out quick

2010-03-14 [Sister Creep]: Find out what? That your internet relationship extended beyond ElfPack? Oooh. Congrats! Myspace makes your internet relationships official and shit.

2010-03-14 [chesire_ the cizat7]: God dam I hate that sterotypical shit. One I am emo and look nothing like what you would call my " others". Also this is fucking elfpack a website imean fuck why in the he'll do you feel the need to pick on grammer. Oh and do you have nothing better to do with your life that you have to pick on others. The whole beauty thing well everyone is beautiful in there own way and you as another person has to just find it. So stop the fucking fighting and keep peace and love

2010-03-14 [Ihsahn]: Queen of Elfpack Contest =P *nods* join!

2010-03-15 [~Mystical Misty~]: I'm not Queen material.

2010-03-16 [Sister Creep]: Aw. Why do you say that? :/

2010-03-17 [~Mystical Misty~]: Because it's true.

2010-03-26 [your_bunnii 13]: hay whats up everyone how is everyone today

2010-03-28 [Away forever, bye]: Proud Lesbian's! Support us please by joining! This wiki isn't for lesbians. It's for bi-sexuals, gays and people that think gay and lesbian couples are cool ^^

So please join and please do invite all your friends to this wiki.

2010-03-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: I have joined that wiki :D

2010-04-14 [Cloud Natiion]: Hey guys, just a quick announcment!
The voting for the finalists of Queen of Elfpack contest starts tomorrow, loads of people are running for it so every vote counts!
Would be awesome if you could all just pop on tomorrow or the day after to cast your vote.

2010-04-14 [chesire_ the cizat7]: lol well i thought it was just the one guy who pcks not votes

2010-04-15 [Ihsahn]: I pick the out of the finalists.

2010-04-18 [Cloud Natiion]: And you vote for the finalists :)
Voting's now open! :D

2010-04-26 [Tis gone but never gone]: Friendship Of The Rose Show someone you care ^^

2010-07-30 [chesire_ the cizat7]: hi hi everyone

2010-10-10 [cowboy_94]: How is everybody doing today?

2010-10-11 [your_bunnii 13]: long time no talk my beautiful ppl how is everyone

2010-10-14 [chesire_ the cizat7]: great

2010-10-15 [your_bunnii 13]: thats good :)

2010-10-17 [chesire_ the cizat7]: just got a job finally at steank n shake

2010-11-02 [your_bunnii 13]: lol i work at jc pennys lol

2010-11-03 [crazystuff]: What's up ya'll?

2010-11-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: yea i am getting tired of this job and i have only worked there for a month. i am way to cute to be by grese and handed people food and taking there money

2010-11-15 [Ihsahn]: Welcome to the real world.

2010-11-16 [chesire_ the cizat7]: oh i no

2010-11-20 [your_bunnii 13]: isnt that the truth i hate reality so i get stoned lol everything is juss better when ur high :)

2010-11-21 [Zombiie Natiion]: too fuckin true bunnii.

2010-11-26 [~Mystical Misty~]: ACK! I've been gone too long!!!

2010-12-03 [Cloud Natiion]: haha everyone has!!

2010-12-04 [~Mystical Misty~]: oh well.

2010-12-04 [your_bunnii 13]: hell yea lol

2010-12-05 [Joshua.]: Ah mango juice

2010-12-05 [Cloud Natiion]: LOL i swear you shouted that at jack this morning josh :P

2010-12-05 [Joshua.]: Hahahahahahahahahahaha I think I did :L

2010-12-05 [Joshua.]: Bo Selecta

2010-12-05 [Cloud Natiion]: just because i dont kick you out of bed when you fidget or snore doesnt mean i wont ban you if you talk about bo selecta :P

2010-12-05 [Joshua.]: I am a gentleman and and will not talk about us in bed :p

2010-12-05 [Cloud Natiion]: i was simply stating you snore :P
but you are a gentleman ^_^ even the guy at the station said so!

2010-12-08 [~Mystical Misty~]: WHAT'S UP?!

2011-01-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: So...about this test....

2011-01-24 [Cloud Natiion]: what test?

2011-01-25 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: To be in B loody beautiful :D

2011-01-25 [Joshua.]: The test remember! The gaunlet challenge...

2011-01-26 [~Mystical Misty~]: huh?

2011-01-27 [Cloud Natiion]: Ignore [Joshua.], he's about to get himself banned from commenting in here if he doesn't watch it! :p
There isn't really a test per-say, are you interested in joining BB, [HeAVenShallBuRN]??

2011-01-27 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: not really

2011-01-28 [~Mystical Misty~]: I don't think I'm a memeber either.

2011-01-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: They insulted a friend of mine, I'd rather not...since they seem to be stuck up women who think outer beauty is the only way to go

2011-01-28 [your_bunnii 13]: how is everyone i miss you guys :)

2011-01-30 [Joshua.]: Why comment if you don't want to join? Be gone...

2011-01-30 [Tis gone but never gone]: Hey! Jimmy I'm a member of BB! I don't think that outer beauty is the only way to go! I think Beauty is on the inside as well as the outside. After all Beauty is in the eye of the be holder.

2011-01-30 [Cloud Natiion]: we miss you too bunnii :))
and thanks josh, haa.

no, [HeAVenShallBuRN], we are not "stuck up women," and beauty is not only on the outside. i hate ignorance such as that, if you took the time to read what the wiki's actually about before coming in here and throwing nasty accusations around, then you'd realise just how wrong you are, and really wouldn't make yourself appear half as silly as you now seem.

2011-01-30 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: > Then someone told me wrong

2011-01-30 [Cloud Natiion]: Clearly. You seem to be sorely misinformed, and I advise checking your sources before, in future. Further nasty comments will result in expulsion from the wiki, as stated above.

2011-01-31 [Zombiie Natiion]: :[

2011-01-31 [Cloud Natiion]: Don't worry about it zombiie, some people are too pathetic.

2011-02-05 [amanda.lethal:)]: I think everone misses the nations, there entirley to busy!

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: ahh. its great being beautiful. i may be sick with a cold but i still look damn good.

2011-02-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Then it's you I blame for giving me this cold >>

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: lol sorry, wait, do i know you?

2011-02-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Nu, I'm just trying to be funny

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: oh, well its kinda not workin for ya

2011-02-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: yeah, my heads all stuffy all I could think of :/

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: i see, i know how ya feel.

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: yep i agree, damn now i want some cuz u made me hungry. lol

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: yep. oh well i think if just imagine it, it will come!

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: thats what i was trying to say.

2011-02-06 [»happily_emo«]: ha ha.

2011-02-07 [Cloud Natiion]: we miss you and everyone else tooo [amanda.lethal:)]
ive been trying to get on moree but arrghh o.0 damn work and college ha!
i dont know where zombiies got to recently, ima have to kick her butt into gear to come on more!

2011-02-07 [»happily_emo«]: i love you all. you are all beautiful

2011-02-14 [your_bunnii 13]: awwe i miss you tooo you guys :) i love all my beautiful ppl's

2011-02-14 [»happily_emo«]: happy valentine's day to all the beautiful ppl

2011-02-14 [Cloud Natiion]: happy v day all you stunnersss :)) <3 mwaaahh

2011-02-14 [Sarah;;]: Happy Valentines Day everyone!! (:

2011-02-14 [»happily_emo«]: lol i love you Perfect Weapon! but not that way in a friend kind of way.

2011-02-14 [»happily_emo«]: :)

2011-02-15 [your_bunnii 13]: happy valentines day i hope everyone's was as good as mine was :)

2011-02-16 [»happily_emo«]: mine was fanastic. i spent the enire night dancing and havin fun.

2011-02-16 [Cloud Natiion]: goood!! thats what we like to hear :D

2011-02-16 [»happily_emo«]: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-03-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: > um....<img:> I saw this and just HAD to takea screenshot!

2011-03-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: On a light note, Cloud. Allow me to appologize for my previous actions...I wasn't mentally well >>

2011-03-10 [Cloud Natiion]: haa that interesting people thing is good! we are very interesting yknow xD
and yes, well.. too right to apologize. that was decent of you. but lets just say water under the bridge and all that!

2011-03-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I might just join bloody beautiful durno >>

2011-03-13 [Cloud Natiion]: hahaa.. you can't just join.. anyone is welcome to try out for a membership but it has to be agreed by both myself and [Zombiie Natiion] before you can actually become an official member.

2011-03-14 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *Puts his name up for consideration!*

2011-04-08 [»happily_emo«]: good luck with that

2011-04-09 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :D

2011-05-16 [»happily_emo«]: i hope it helped.

2011-05-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: nope, nothing yet

2011-05-24 [DeletedFOREVER]: Wowzers o.o

2011-06-01 [Cloud Natiion]: Wowzers what? :)
And sorry [HeAVenShallBuRN] about not getting back to you, myself and zombiie have been really busy lately, i've moved 162 miles away from home and shes pregnant haha! So everyone be sure to congratulate her! :D

2011-06-01 [Ihsahn]: you're never on msn =/

2011-06-01 [Cloud Natiion]: I know, ive been too busy with my job n stuff, and me and josh literally JUST got the internet in our new house so I couldnt go on :( Only thing I could get on was facebook on my phone, yawwwn.
And my laptops fuucked aswell, its like actually dead. So yeah, no more msn lol!

2011-06-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I think I did say gratz...I can't remember! But anyway, how are you? And sup Ihsahn, long time no chat?

2011-06-01 [Cloud Natiion]: Im finee thanks just busy lol! How is eveeryonee?

2011-06-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Me? I'm grand lass, just grand, hating the single life though, in love with my best friend on ep who lives across teh ocean.

2011-06-03 [Joshua.]: Jedward yeah cool

2012-08-10 [WonderTweek]: Wow, this place is just as dead as the rest of the wiki's.

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