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2005-01-17 23:42:45
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As you all no Anarchy is anti-goverment, this page is for Anarchist and people who really really despise goverment.

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2005-05-13 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: you all have to know some dirty little tricks, right?

2005-05-13 [kdfjhg]: depends... are you going to play teacher?? happy 13th...

2005-05-16 [Zero Kool]: i want to join I'm going to Green Day!

2005-05-19 [Vohod]: wow do you want a cookie

2005-05-21 [Zero Kool]: yea i kindda do

2005-05-21 [Zero Kool]: sorry just happy

2005-05-23 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: actually if i have to teach stuff i will.

2005-05-23 [kdfjhg]: *laughs*

2005-05-23 [Zero Kool]: anarchy IS actually the natural state of things so it makes sence

2005-05-24 [kdfjhg]: true.. true

2005-05-24 [Zero Kool]: so who are these people to tell US what to do!!

2005-05-24 [kdfjhg]: i don't fucking know.. but they should burn...

2005-05-25 [Zero Kool]: yes burn all of them

2005-07-13 [blandest]: do you guys actually believe that anarchy was meant to be taken seriously?

2005-07-13 [Zero Kool]: heh, prolly not but i can hope

2005-07-13 [kdfjhg]: i don't like society the way it is. ppl are dumbasses and continue to be idiots and let it continue. however, i do not care about any of this.

2005-07-17 [Zero Kool]: any of what?

2005-07-17 [kdfjhg]: i do not know....

2005-07-17 [Zero Kool]: hmm, well ok then i agree with what you sid untill you got to the "i do not care about any of this."

2005-07-17 [kdfjhg]: i really don't know what i was trying to say or talking about...

2005-07-19 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: anarchy should reign supreme because no person should have control over another. it takes away from the natural freedoms that people have.

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