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2006-08-23 17:18:31
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This is where you can add your feelings on goverment, any negitives on anarchy will be deleted and you will be asked to leave, don't make it look like your stupid.

[vampryc touch] I feel that Anarchy will accually bring more peace, see if we had Anarchy than there would be no goverment and you could do whatever you want. I mean you can always protect yourself with a gun.

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2005-05-08 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: that is the way to look at it

2005-12-06 [gonegonegone]: wow ppl on here havent really done there homework have they...the whole point of having anarchy to being with is the purification process, you have to believe in somthing after Anarchy, you cant have anarchy for the rest of your life or it wouldnt be anarchy to begin with because if we had complete anarchy forever someone steps up and takes power, which defeats the whole pourpous of anarchy, Anarchys not bad by a long shot but, in theroy its an only a puification process for some other formof gov't see i'm an anarchist but i believe in socialism, (no not facist) though no political system is 100% it cant be, humans in nature wont allow it, even Anarchy is not 100% if it came into practice.

2005-12-06 [gonegonegone]: i know i'll prolly get yelled at for this but you need to see the bigger picture in life and human nature, no political system or anti political system is 100% thats the bottom line...sorry dont get pissed at me for this, but thats what you learn after 12 years of schooling and learning of political systems...think about it...just dont get mad about it

2005-12-06 [Jaaakeeee.]: is this a chat room???

2006-03-15 [Machine Says Yes]: Anarchy would bring about nothing but mass chaos in this or any other country. People need structure, it's been proven time and time again.

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