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     [Baby_Girl07] and [timmyT]'s Family Photos

<img:> Mommy

<img:> Daddy

<img:> SEXY daddy

<img:> Nicholas when he was in the hospital and he lost sooo much weight

<img:> Nicholas in the hospital

<img:> Nicholas in the hospital

<img:> Mommy and nicholas takeing pictures for daddy

<img:> Nicholas dressed up for daddy

<img:> Nicholas sleeping

<img:> Ricky,Kim,Zach n nicholas

<img:> Mommy and Nicholas

<img:> nicholas trying to walk for daddy

<img:> Mommy Nicholas and Haley

<img:> Aunt Lori and nicholas

<img:> mommy, grandma and nicholas

<img:> Me and my newest neice Zhyanna

I love [timmyT] sooooo much he is everything to me! ilove u baby

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2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: i didnt hear you

2009-03-12 [timmyT]: ya u did i remember u sed wate u hav a kid then i told u he dide n u sead aww that tarimbl im sorrey

2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: no i never said that.. whatever you got her prego.. wow.. i dont want anything to dowithyou timmy.. or her

2009-03-12 [timmyT]: i dindnt get her pregnit he wusint mine i mean i treatid him like he was  i loved him iv never had sex b4

2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: thats not what you said.. and whatever i am done.. geta life and get over him

2009-03-12 [timmyT]: o fuk u amanda he may b dead but hes still my sun watch what u say wen u talk bowt him

2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: he aint YOUR son you didnt get HER PREGO.. so he aint shit to you you maythink he's your son but he's not.. and no id rather you not FUCK me you might get ME PREGO

2009-03-12 [timmyT]: o that was cold look if i fucked u ferst of all ud like it but i wuld 2 2 b honist n 2nd id probly cetch sumthing

2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: hunny i aint got shit.. thats your problem BOTH OF YOU GET OVER NICK

2009-03-12 [timmyT]: im sorey that was 2 mean  n ud never understand u wnt till u rase a kid

2009-03-12 [amanda.lethal:)]: u didnt raise him he wasnt even yours

2009-03-12 [Baby_Girl07]: omg u need to stop mandi plz no more fighting in here god damn n u need to stop saying that i need to get over my son b.c. its not gonna happen i love him with all my heart hes everything to me so u need to stop

2009-03-13 [amanda.lethal:)]: he's dead.. sorry but he is

2009-03-13 [Baby_Girl07]: yeah i kno my son is dead i was there the day he died he died in my arms mandi u dont kno what its like to lose the only one u got in ur life expecailly when its ur son and timmy may nit be the real father but to me and my son he is

2009-03-13 [Baby_Girl07]: my son is everything to me and i miss him teribly and he made me a better person before i didnt care what i did to my self i used to cut and drink all the time but when i was raped and then found out i was pregnant i changed

2009-03-13 [timmyT]: i no holds u close 2 me hay im cumin 2 penslvainya in a few munths

2009-03-13 [Baby_Girl07]: nice hun i dont kno where im gonna be in a few months i got so much shit goin on right now its not funny

2009-03-22 [Baby_Girl07]: hey hun i love u sooo much n i miss nick sooo much i dont kno wat to do i just want him back in my arms :(

2011-01-04 [Baby_Girl07]: Omg I miSs my son soooo much

2011-01-06 [timmyT]: me 1

2011-01-06 [Baby_Girl07]: But the worst part is that I have to have surgery n the surgery can caue me to have trouble getting pregnant th rest of my life

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