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They don't make em like this no more...


They don't make em like this no more...

/ [Kali Nicole]

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2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: Yummy

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: you know

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: Yes I do and love it

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: good lol

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: I love to see more ;)

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: i bet u do

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: Real question is would u show me Hun?

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: maybe i dont make promises

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: ;) so you wanna fuck me?

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: haha

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: That a no?

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: nope

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: Hun say it if you wanna

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: i want to fuck you

2010-11-21 [FireFighter]: I'll come over Hun

2010-11-21 [Kali Nicole]: ok

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