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2009-02-25 18:52:26
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coagulating corpses

this page is dedicated to my band coagulating corpses. and our groupies that like to follow us, we apreciate your support.

please feel free to make us some signs and what you think would make a great album cover. who knows....if we find it good enough we may use it as our next album cover.

1) eye of the beholder
2) the reaper will come
3) resentment
4) touch like angel of death
5) the calm of the storm

/ [nismo]

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2009-02-26 [~*~American Honey~*~]: sweet page =)

2009-02-26 [nismo]: thanks

2009-02-26 [~*~American Honey~*~]: welcomes!

2009-02-28 [imdaonlyone010]: sweet... you have groupies? who is all in the band?

2009-02-28 [nismo]: tis me, jon, chris, nathan, sean, bruce, and aj

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