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2006-04-04 23:07:59
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Ajsinnott's pics @wiki


Hi all this is were i put most of my pics, i havent got that manybut im getting more kk


Tis me HI


ok this was a joke, but it is still my fav pic, i love it, thanks smid


ok this was at a party, god i was pisted =D


12/03/05, was a bit pisted, lol my mate says i look like the guy of the linkin park album


me messing again, well what can i say lol


here is a load of pics in one, check out mole lol


13/03/05 dont ask

made by my good friend [Love like Winter.] thanks xxx


Yey my bely with spikes, i love it


me messing lol


this is me with spikey hair, cool eh?


Yep me agin lol randomly walking thew manchester and my new freand takes a pic of me! dam em lol, and then he wants to take a pic of my new top so i let em lol, he must love me lol


Me on the 18/05/05 board, i was so board i took 17 pics, only 9 looked ok, and there they are


Me 23/05/05 board lol

god this is some mouths afder the last lol


this is me about late septber lol


Me 17/10/05 :D

i have a dream, to win the cutist boy award, can u help me?


me jan 06, looking smug :P



Me march the 20ith


April 2ed, more pics?

here are some vids of me i made march-may in 05

mikey mouse vidio

feelings vidio

Alien aj vidio

check out ajsinnott's Guitar pics

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2005-11-08 [xXxpWeTtY gUrLxXx]: flippin' sweet pics

2005-11-14 [the girl whos to emo for her facye. x/3]: hello [Ajsinnott] i love your hair long its so sexy lol *hugges* ^-^

2005-11-14 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: Yep, it sure is, oh.. and aj, do you know if they're going to give out the art badges yet?

2005-11-14 [Ajsinnott]: dout it sweet?

2005-11-14 [-xX_Vamp-Man_Xx-]: haha man! those vidoes, weird *raises one eyebrow* but it is kinda funny!! XD

2005-11-14 [Ajsinnott]: lol

2005-11-15 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: *pouts* I want the badgey... :(

2005-11-24 [girl with a broken heart]: love ya

2006-01-15 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: cute

2006-02-03 [..oops..]: i liek your latest picture!!!! very cyte!  XD

2006-02-14 [Taking Back Jo]: nice piccys!

2006-03-06 [Babydoll.™]: wazz up cutie?? i know you wont give me the time of day...or even WANT to but i just had to say that you're REALLY cute ^^

2006-03-14 [Ajsinnott]: well actully im gonna stay

2006-03-15 [Yvonniaaah]: cool pics!

2006-03-15 [Ajsinnott]: thanks

2006-03-17 [DenDen]: omg sex! *licks th escreen*

2006-03-19 [Babydoll.™]: once again...gotta comment ^^ i your pics ^^ oober sheximass ^^

2006-04-01 [broken_angel1336]: luv the pics...very

2006-04-04 [Ajsinnott]: lol

2006-05-09 [VampireKisses]: Damn aj..starting to look really really good...:P

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