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Things that Japeth & Keiren Say

That Could be Taken Completely the Wrong Way

"You gotta find the good spots on the bed."

"You know what you are? A stumblefuck."

"I'd like to know what you do when you're alone. Making weird sounds."

"What are you doing with that?"
"I just want to look at it."

"It makes me happy. And that's ALL that counts."

"You better be prepared."

"It should be coming soon."

"I can't find the bottom."

"You don't have to cram it into your mouth at once, you can take smaller bites."

"He falls asleep in all sorts of positions, which makes it easy."

"As he savored that yellow spongey log of cream..."

"It's gonna be eight miles long soon."
"Yep. Huge."

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