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2011-12-10 12:29:21
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Sammie's Apology

This is for all crew and none crew members, I apologize for all that I have done on Elfpack, I am responsible for my actions, I admit I have been a nasty person, again I am very sorry, I agree with the crew that I have been disruptive, this is not going to happen anymore.

Things I will stop

Creating wikis to go against the crew.

Being hurtful towards members and the crew.

Being nasty.

Things I will start to do

Act in a professional manner.

Stop being nasty and vile towards members.

keep my temper to a minimum.

start acting friendly, despite all the nasty comments I get.

from /[sammie h!]

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2011-12-20 [Morgoth]: You can't spell apolorgy without orgy.

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