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2007-05-26 19:39:32
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Pictures of me and my friend Raven trying out the handmade Mermaid tails I made for us!


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2007-05-26 [spartan glory]: Who's your mermaid friend there?

2007-05-26 [FireGypsy]: Her name is Raven. I made both of our tails ^_^

2007-05-26 [spartan glory]: Awesome! They look cool!

2007-05-26 [FireGypsy]: Thanks! ^_^ They are so much fun to swim in!

2007-05-26 [spartan glory]: I bet.

2007-05-26 [My Sky's The Limit]: Whoa. . .what material did you use to make those?

2007-05-26 [FireGypsy]: Under the purple stretchy sequinned material is a blue bathing suit material. ^_^ And Ravens is a gold stretchy holographic material. All from JoAnn Fabrics.

2007-05-26 [My Sky's The Limit]: What fabric did you use for the tail? Like the very end of it? Those are so cool! Were they hard to make??

2007-05-26 [FireGypsy]: The whole tail is made from the same material. And there are flippers in the fluke ^_^ If you go to Mermaids and scroll down to Project Sirenosomething it explains how I made them.

2007-05-26 [My Sky's The Limit]: :D will do! Good job on them by the way :]

2007-05-26 [FireGypsy]: Thanks!

2007-06-23 [Midori]: This is extremely neat. I have never heard of people audititioning as mermaids. I would too, I'm an excellent swimmer and am extreemely agile in the water. I can hold my breath for about a minute and a half. It's hard!

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