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2008-12-30 02:40:08
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Welcome everyone to my WIKI or Randomness


well i stole some ideas from other wiki's people have made, i will give rightful ownership so i don't get sued.

i was really bored one day and no one was on so i figured i would be creative here, this is the main page with sub pages to fallow. I am random so as a result so are the things found here, have fun comment and add what randomness you wish to.

if you have any questions please ask away, if you wish to look at some other pages your welcome to just ask

wiki list
blackrigante polls a fun page of polls to take for public use
t or d good fun game of truth or dare
facts of randomness good place for fun
swords i love swords and midevil things

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2008-12-22 [blackrigante]: what do you think

2009-01-01 [M a k a y ツ]: its all fun

2009-01-14 [Crywolf]: wheeeeeeee

2009-01-15 [blackrigante]: lol

2009-01-15 [Crywolf]: imma dork

2009-01-15 [blackrigante]: yup

2009-01-16 [Crywolf]: and your a boob

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