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2007-03-06 00:06:30
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Kalah is oh so cute

Random pic..I look U.G.L.Y which is ironic considering my Wiki Page is called kalah is oh so cute
I was thinkin....and blowing..Dont mix..
New cell phone!
This is my gang....From Right to left it is Audrey, Trisha, sammy, lexi, cassie, cody, My uncle James, My Uncle James's Fience Steph((LOVE HER TO DEATH! SHE ROX!), and J-J-J-JENI!! Who is absolutly awesome. ily all!
Jamie and my cousin Jenna
Jenna and Jamie again

/ [Snickerdoodle]

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2007-05-21 [slazer2au]: i dont like that show even the aust version is crap

2007-05-22 [Snickerdoodle]: lol

2007-05-22 [slazer2au]: so what else is new?

2007-05-22 [Snickerdoodle]: Friends Mom is going to IRAQ..

2007-05-23 [slazer2au]: military or civilian?

2007-05-24 [Snickerdoodle]: Military

2007-05-24 [slazer2au]: k

2007-05-25 [Snickerdoodle]: Yeah so she is sad...and yeah I have Pink eye..

2007-05-25 [slazer2au]: pink eye???

2007-05-27 [Snickerdoodle]: yeah..ill tell ya about it later...g2g

2007-05-28 [slazer2au]: k than

2007-05-28 [Snickerdoodle]: Pink Eye is an Infection Kinda thing in ur Eye that makes it turn Pink and Burn and Itch and Hurt really really bad

2007-05-28 [slazer2au]: that dosnt sound good hope u get better soon

2007-05-28 [slazer2au]: <img:kis-gif.gif>

2007-05-28 [Snickerdoodle]: Thanks :)

2007-05-29 [slazer2au]: its ok

2007-06-04 [slazer2au]: i get board easily so yea


2007-06-05 [Snickerdoodle]:

2007-06-05 [slazer2au]: anyways what u been up 2 lately

2007-08-15 [tazz]: nice picks

2007-08-15 [Snickerdoodle]: Thanks

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