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Name: [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Deg]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Cerulean Sins] & [**Yummy**Mummy**]
Image: <img:stuff/408876_337894269571877_100000539214969_1275054_606357740_n.jpg> (Purple Cupcakes in honor of Elfpack x-mas style :D)
Here is proof of our entry ---->;set=a.335929786434992.94305.100000539214969&type=3&theater

Name: [Saffron]
Image: <img:> (The Train, House, and Tree are all cookies, candies, and Frosting!)

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2012-01-07 [Saffron]: My picture wont have the awesome house, train, and tree in it unless I can find that box >.> But I'll take a pic of everything else and Put my name there and such to prove that is the basement in which I grew up in all my life! : ) )))

2012-01-07 [Deg]: :D

2012-01-07 [Saffron]: To be honest though, I much rather eat your cookies Po then my house. Doesn't help my Grandma sprayed glaze on it so we could use it for years to come....but even if we hadn't glazed it all I still think your cookies look way yummier!

2012-01-07 [Deg]: Are you kidding me right now? I'm flattered but yours are WAY too cool. Mine are all...misformed and...weird looking. Gotta admit, they were tasty, but yours took way more talent, hands down! :) If I didn't know it was glazed, I'd eat that gingerbread up like nothing.

2012-01-07 [Saffron]: Ha ha ha! Yeah, definitly don't want to eat things after glazing but my grandma surely loves glazing stuff. She cooks french bread and glazes them and they keep for several years. Makes a nice center pieces and since these looked so pretty she glazed them too. Though I am not a huge fan of all that icing and candies. Your cookies are right up my ally. : )

2012-01-07 [Deg]: Mm...all I can say is thank you! I'm glad they look appealing in some way! ^-^ Eating may be right. Simple does it for me. But yours is just so cool, I can't get over it! I'd never have the patience.

2012-01-07 [Saffron]: It is just like a puzzle really. Not very hard to do at all : )

2012-01-07 [sammie h!]: [Saffron], yours is fine. :)

2012-01-07 [sammie h!]: [Cerulean Sins] yours went by the rules as well and we would like you to re-submit your picture as you did well. :)

2012-01-07 [sammie h!]: Yay x

2012-01-07 [Cerulean Sins]: :O

2012-01-07 [Cerulean Sins]: When and why was my entry re-submitted ? I'm confused. Even though the rules have changed it still doesn't mean my entry is aloud. I had entered it before rule 5 was changed again (5. You must prove the picture is your own work.
That means either YOU must be in the photo, or you must have your username, 'EP' or 'Elfpack' somewhere in there.)

I know I'm not making sense and making mountains out of mole hills. But I guess it's too late to take my entry out. Och well, it would have been nice if I had been asked if I wanted it re-submitted. :)

Next time I'm going to read the rules of the next contest 10 times before entering :D

2012-01-07 [Amalaswinta]: lol!
as I said before: silly girl ;)

and as I also said before: you are in the photo ;)

2012-01-07 [Cerulean Sins]: I know! :D It's fun to be silly ^^

2012-01-07 [Amalaswinta]: XD

2012-01-22 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: WHO WON WHO WON!!

2012-01-22 [Amalaswinta]: sheesh, I thought you were tired/sleepy.... ;)

2012-01-22 [sammie h!]: I am just putting the winners on the main page now

2012-01-22 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *Leers at* I just had 6 cups of coffee and 2 liters of pepsi

2012-01-22 [sammie h!]: there we go. :)

2012-01-22 [Saffron]: Yeah grats to all those who submitted entries!!!

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