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EP name- [LinkTurrner]
Character name- Leo Black
Age- 16
Sexual like- gay
Job- None yet but he wants to be a hit man.
What Mafia do you belong to?- Blaidd Drwg
Weapons- When out he has daggers in his belt and a gun.
Personality- He's a lot like his father he acts innocent and is loud.
History- He's the son of Maximus, who had gotten someone pregnant when he was really really really drunk. His mother had left after he was born; and his father was shot going in to the casino when he was five. He ended up staying with his uncle Satyricon growing up.
No eyepatch though, he does look like his dad and not his mum at all.

EP name- [Ritsuka-Kun]
Character name- Ritsuka
Age- 37
Sexual like- gay
Job- contract killer
What Mafia do you belong to?- blaid drwg
Weapons- whatever he needs to complete the job but always has a pistol and dagger on his person at all times
Personality- he comes across cold but he's really a sweetheart and will do anything to protect and help his mafia family
History- He was born into the family his father was a big time contract killer and had ended up teaching him the ways. There are times when Rit doesnt want to go through with the kill especially if there are children in the home he has a soft spot for em. He does sometime let the man go and tells him to leave under the cover of night so that he wont have to scar the children he hides this very well from everyone else but he's sure someone expects something.

EP name- [Ritsuka-Kun]
Character name- Markus Talboth
Age- 35
Sexual like- straight
Job- detective but when he needs to he'll work the streets if they're short a guy or something
Weapons- gun
Personality- he's goal oriented and wont stop til he's caught whomever he goes after no matter the cost but he's a sweetheart and very helpful
History- Had no desire to be a cop when he was little but as the years dragged and on and one terrible incident he now wants to be one. His wife and two kids were killed by the mafia when he was 23 so he changed majors and became a cop to avenge their deaths and bring whomever killed his family to justice. He is sometimes to driven and has landed himself in the hospital more than once already but he keeps pushing forward doing stupid and reckless just to get the guy he's sure he annoys the people he works with but he doesnt quite care he has a goal to get to

EP name- [Strawboy]
Character name- Lucas Thomas
Age- 30
Sexual like- straight though has little intrest in relationships.
Job- gun for hire, specializes in 'information extraction' (ie torture), gang warfare
What Mafia do you belong to?- none
Weapons- MP5, flick knife
Personality- sadistic, sly, cunning, manipulative.
History- Lucas was part of the DCPD SWAT team. He was in charge during a horrible hostage bungle which left 3 hostages dead by the SWAT teams fire. Lucas was charged with three counts of murder after it was revealed he was under the effects of a powerful narcotic. During transit to prison he escaped, the drugs he had over used and then the sudden cold turkey driving him insane. He left the entire prison transport squad dead and had cannablized one member. The bullet mark in the middle of his forhead was taken during his escape, but a metal plate in his skul from when he served in the military stopped it.
Picture- <img:>

EP name- [Strawboy]
Character name- Harold Dravoski
Age- 32
Sexual like- straight
Job- Detective
Weapons- 34. revovler, butterfly knives
Personality- has a cold demour but is compasionate to victims. He shows little mercy to criminals.
History- Harold used to be part of the DCPD in SWAT. After a bungld hostage situation which resulted in the SWAT team accidently killing 3 hostages the team was disbanded. Harold was one of three officers who stayed on the force. However the incident meant they were bounced between departments. Sick of it, Harold moved to New York and got a transfer to the NYPD after passing the exams required to be a detective.
Picture- <img:>

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