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2006-06-21 00:04:43
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Hedda barebreast

A try to get better photos for the Barebreasthunks in sunglasses competition

Of course I forgot the sunglasses! Gah! It must be all the sun and muscle-building... So look at barebreast2 instead!


/ [Hedda]

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2006-06-28 [Wendy]: I liked this one the best! <img200*0:>

2006-06-28 [Hedda]: But I look like a mean psycho there... Oh... I understand ;)

2006-07-27 [Savage_Reality]: heheheh! A multi-tasking Hedda!

2006-08-07 [Crayola Crayon Princess]: <img:>
Aw, hedda looks demonic with no pupil! awsome.

2006-08-09 @Not logged in user@: OOO muscle man

2007-08-31 [Xx sαяαн-ιоυιѕε мαч..x]: Looking Good Hedda

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