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Ok, I've decided to take a chance here, ask me 4 questions. Any 4, no matter how personal, private or random.

I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all. Post them here on this wiki and I will respond to them.

In turn, you post this message in your own journal, wiki, or profile and you
have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

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2005-03-29 [baby_gurl_420]: ok 4 questions hmm 1 do u find urself attractive 2. do u have a million friends? 3. how many gfs have u had? and 4. ru a virgin?

2005-03-29 [Aelemar]: 1) no not that attractive, average I guess 2) No only a few i'm kinda a loner 3) one gf ever 4) no I am not a virgin

2005-05-02 [~Lord Sameth~]: (I'll answer for the hell of it) 1-Yes, no wait hell yes... If I didn't would others? 2- No I have 2 million friends 3-I can't remember all but definatly more than six 4- Lost that title already...

2005-05-03 [Immortality]: Am i to answer these things too? well: 1. I dunno, really. 2.No, a few less. 3. 1 real one. 4. yea lol

2005-05-15 [individual thought]: *wants to blend in with the croud* 1: i suppose  2: only the ones i trust  3: depends on alot of things that no body needs to know  4: lost that a while agao

2005-05-25 [Immortality]: Lol, everyone writes the numbers in a different way. We've got like 1  1)  1. and 1:

2005-09-07 [Fallen Child Athena]: um i will answer them....1) no. 2)no..3)ive had 4 bfs....4) um no im not

2005-09-07 [~Lord Sameth~]: WOOT NEW SET OF QUESTIONS 1}Do you believe in God, 2. Why, or why not, 3} Do you belive in religion, 4) Do you believe in Satan?

2005-09-08 [Shatureel]: 1} Yes, 2}Because I exist, 3}No. 4}Yes

2005-09-08 [vuelo]: 1. no 2,coz theres too much condradiction 3. yes 4. no, not as a person/demon

2005-09-11 [~Lord Sameth~]: Nice one vuelo, person/demon that made me laugh

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