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Fat people? What do you think when you hear that term? Ugly? Big? Fatty? What do you think of? Fat Bastard from Austin Powers? Well I don't think of any of that. I think that fat people are beautiful in their own way and when I hear people being abusive to fat people I am upset about it that a lot of people are close minded about it and that they can only see the fat and not the person. Some people don't see that the person might have a medical conduction or they might have low confidence in themselves that they comfort eat.


I am fat and I fit into UK size 18 or 20. And I an not ashamed of my size or my weight. I have been overweight since I was age 7 when I had to go to hospital for a opp on my neck. I got bullied at school, high school and at college because of me being fat. And I don't care and neither should any of you!


It is not a site for people who think being big is freakish or odd it is a site to show that fat people do exist and it's a place for us to chat about anything ^^ RESPECT EACH OTHER PLEASE! :D


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2012-03-26 [Member#327]: Stop The Discrimination Against Overweight People:

We're trying to gain support for our cause, so please join our FB group :)

2012-03-26 [Cerulean Sins]: Just asked to join the group :)

2012-03-26 [Member#327]: And I see you were just approved ^^ Thanks for joining, it means a lot :3

2012-04-16 [Member#327]: The e-petition 'Prohibit discrimination against overweight individuals' was finally approved ^^ Please read, sign and share!

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