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Elfpackers against Internet Predators


Keep Elfpack Safe!

Vital Information

- By [Orestez]

What is Private Information?

What is being S.M.A.R.T online?

Internet Safety Kids Quiz

Internet Safety Quiz for Adults

Elfpredders Support List

Internet Communities


Please fellow Elfpackers take a stand and help support keeping Elfpack safe. Many children and teens are raped, put in other dangers, and even killed by internet predators. I am NOT one who's gonna sit around let them continue to the next few unexpecting children. Elfpack is our home in which we chat and have a great time. Let us continue to keep it clean and safe. 

Fellow mother and father Packers come together and help us encourage members to keep it decent. Fellow teens remember that he-she may be a wonderful friend....but they may not be who you think they are...Be careful...And aware.

Many other teens and even older men and women have been serverly damaged by internet predators.

Keep an open mind on the internet, even here on Elfpack

Please take a Elfpredders support image and display it on your house and add your name to the supports list (elfpredders support list)...

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