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2010-08-27 18:26:27
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This is the Duel8000 Hang out on Elfpack!


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Team Members(atleast the ones on elfpack)

1)[Legendary] Aka Show Aka Nick
2)[KurosakiBloom] Aka Big Mane Aka Ryan
3)[RayRay] Aka Duce Aka Ashley
4)[blackroseIV] Aka Pixie Aka Samantha
5)[GlassCasket] Aka Tal Aka Daniel

Duel8000 Team Locations
The Gaia Knight Cafe
Show's Fan Page
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2010-08-27 [Legendary]: Its a work in progress....seeing as i have taken over youtube and facebook with D8,might aswell hit youtube

2010-08-27 [GlassCasket]: jew face? XD

2010-08-27 [Legendary]: XD indeed

2010-08-27 [GlassCasket]: i joined >.>

2010-08-27 [Legendary]: Because you rock

2010-08-27 [GlassCasket]: look better?

2010-08-27 [Legendary]: what happened O.O

2010-08-27 [GlassCasket]: i made it look better XD

2010-08-27 [Legendary]: :D thankies

2010-08-27 [GlassCasket]: no prob. *is very good with EP html*

2010-08-28 [Legendary]: XD Sami you there?

2010-08-28 [blackroseIV]: I'm here! So this is duel 8000 then?

2010-08-28 [Legendary]: well the EP branch yes

2010-08-28 [blackroseIV]: Very cool!

2010-08-28 [Legendary]: mhm -offers a chair- sit back and watch the construction

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