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Drawing's and Photo's

By [xXxAngelxXx]

Me and Rich
*A short story*


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2005-05-28 [wicca girl]: hi can i join

2005-05-28 [xXxAngelxXx]: you can add a link to you drawing's on this page. It's mostly for commenting on the art that i have done. heppy for you to put some drawing's up on my wiki but put them are from you. got to go bye

2005-05-28 [wicca girl]: bye

2005-06-09 [wicca girl]: hi how are u all that will come here

2005-06-18 [wicca girl]: hi all

2005-07-12 [Huggies]: can i join

2005-07-12 [xXxAngelxXx]: Join Coven_Corner

2005-07-18 [wicca girl]: why does no one talk here

2005-07-19 [xXxAngelxXx]: ????????????????????????????????????????????

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