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2007-03-06 14:15:37
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Bathroom 6 and 7

Monday 2007-03-05 and Tuesday 2007-03-06, sixth and seventh day of rebuilding.

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There will be no rebuilding on the eighth day. The lights will come on Thursday (tenth day).

Monday 2007-03-05

End of the day. Toilet and bathtub have arrived.
New toilet. Newer than the old and it's worse on flushing, but otherwise pretty much the same.
The tub is pretty high over the floor. A thingy in that hole is still missing.
New washbasin.
But still no cupboard there.
And no light.

Tuesday 2007-03-06

They only worked 1 hour today. Fixing cupboard and some hangers.

Some stuff to hang things on.
And the cupboard with a mirror.
Still no light.

The radiator will be painted on Thursday, I think.

Look at that space! Perfect to place some hangers for the small towels there!
But no! They are placed in the corner behind the toilet?!? WTF!

And we'll end with a bonus-Lilo


/ [Hedda]

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2007-03-07 [Amaranthine]: Very nice. I wish I could remodel my little bathroom. Too small. My favourite part is where we get to see Lilo!

2007-03-25 [Sky Chord]: Very nice, I'm getting my Bathroom done too and I can't wait. But they have to finish the kitchen, We're getting marble tiles as counter tops. So we're special like that I guess lol.

And the bonus is my favorite too!

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