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Name: Krystal


Before you say anything, yes... My eyes were edited in this picture. They arent usually this blue haha. But these are a couple of my senior pictures from last year =)

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Hello!! I am Krystal! I love meeting new people, so just send me a message on here and we can chat!! =)

Here are a few of my likes and dislikes..

~My friends of course!! I couldnt make it without them!!
*My twin sister [Ariel]. She is so important to me! She has been with me through thick and thin!!
~My niece Scarlet. She is absolutely adorable, even though she can be a little stinker =)
*School. yes.. I actually do like school. I in my second year of college for pre-med.
~I love animals, even though I dont have any. When I move out on my own someday, I will for sure have animals!

~RUDE PEOPLE!! I live by the saying, "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all". So if you are going to say something mean to me on here, please just dont message me.
*Slow drivers!!
~Mexican food! I dont know why, I just think its gross..
*Working. Even though it is needed to make a living haha.

If you have any questions to ask me, feel free to message me!!! =)

Age: 23Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 3

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Massachusetts

Known languages

alternativecountryhip hop

Other interests
artchasing the preferred sexdancing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 163

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