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EMO ME! hahahahahah kiwaii ne?

You Seem To Find This Young Girl
To Be Beautiful
But As She Stares In The Mirror
Wondering What All These People See
She Realizes She Cant She Beauty
For All She Sees Is Pain, Heart Break,
And Tears
And Then She Realizes This Young Girl
She Stares In To See

<<<<Yes i did indeed write that. i got bored one day.>>>>>>>>

My name is Rachel and i LOVE animals. i also love anime. my fave anime is Naruto. im totally in love with Sasuke. my favorite mythical creature is a unicorn and then a dragon. Sometimes i catch myself talking as if they were real creatures. o i do wish they were. I'm not the best when it comes to typing but i try. Yes i am from America but i dont like typing. i can get quite lazy haha but i try my best.

please all bow your heads in the memory of James "J.J." Sharkey. He died at the age of 13 from a gun. My dear cousin was shot in the head by his older brother (what is said to be an accident) This tragedy happened on November 23rd 2004. He was taken to a hospital and stayed there for a day loosing more and more brain mass. My dear cousin became severly brain dead and the docters believed he could survive withouth life support. He died the second they took him off. He died on November 24th. The funeral was planned on December 3rd which was also this young boys 14th bithday.
You will be forever missed My dear cousin James "J.J." Sharkey.



Ish gothic Harry Potter! YAY!!!!!!!



(Mr. Garrison): Ok cildren let's start today with a few new math problems. What is 5 times 2? Come on children don't be shy just give it your best shot. Yes Clyd
(Clyd): Twelve?
(Mr. Garrison): Ok now let's try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard. Anyone? Come on don't be shy?
(Kyle): I think I know the answer Mr. Garrison.
(Cartman): Memememememe
(Kyle): Shut up fat boy!
(Cartman): Hey don't call me fat you fuckin jew!
(Mr. Garrison): Eric did you just say the F word?
(Cartman): Jew?
(Kyle): No he's talking about fuck you cant say fuck in school you fuckin fat ass!
(Mr. Garrison): Kyle!
(Cartman): Why the fuck not!
(Mr. Garrison): Eric!
(Stanley): Dude you just said fuck again!
(Mr. Garrison): Stanley!
(Kenny): Fuck
(Mr. Garrison): Kenny!
(Cartman): What's the big deal it doesn't hurt anybody? Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck!
(Mr. Garrison): How would you like to go see the school councelor
(Cartman): How would you like to suck my balls!
(Class): Huh!?
(Mr. Garrison): What did you just say?
(Cartman): I'm sorry I'm sorry actually what I said was *turns on loud speaker* HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS MR. GARRISON!
(Kyle): Holy Shit dude!

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Exact place of living: in a house in a town in a state in a country on a world in a universe?

Known languages

gothgrungeheavy metal

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: thin

Height: 152

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