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Wan-wan (Gots a webcam)

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Really Akward pic of me cleaning up the store room and looking at chef banks cuz he is telling me to clean the grill
i think it looks good though

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  Konbanwa Watashi wa Wan Wan. Domo aragato.Ok everyone I am Wan-wan. Don't ask me what it means cuz i don't really feel like tellin the whole fuckin world the same answer a billion times. Also i am a chef. I looooooooooove to cook. ( And eat the food to) I am a very active person. I love running with a passion. Really good at it to. Also i am extremly tall. I am Six Two. and i am a musclaur build so i weigh alot more then people think that i do. Other then all that, if you have any questions, ask me.
*Some Newer stuff* ( That has been well needed)(Don't expect anyone to read this and care, but still going to put it up)

It seems that i have grown very much attached to not changing it because well i have been content with what was there. But i have read it and realized that i needed some new ideas and items on here. I am an aspiring chef. Still in high school i study Culinary Arts and do plan on going to college to advance my skills in cooking. My goal is to own my very World Class 5 Star Restuarant. It's going to be hard and i am embracing that fact. In fact It is an experience that i know i will be happy to have. I also know that when that time occurs that i am going to hate it. But one day will look back and be satisfied that i had stuck to my guns and went through with it all. I plan on being a married man at some point in my life. I would also admit that i will some day have children. Three of them would preferable. I will make sure that I am able to provide and be there for my family as well. End of Story.

Enough of my thoughts of the future. Let's talk a bit more socially.
I am Seventeen years of age. It would seem that its not all the glitz and glam that the Tv says it is. You are supposed to be this crazy wild person with an awesome party life and that is all. Well they were WRONG. You need to be able to party all the time, And be socially accepted as a respectful worker, or student. You can party all you want. But you need to make sure that you have your priorities straight. And i will admit i do party and that i sometimes lose track of all of this. And i am trying to stop. It's a habit i wish i never got trapped in. So i advise all of you that are thinking of being a heavy partier or drinker not to. I have seen almost all the ups and downs of drinking.

Lets talk music.
I love the stuff. I love me some Death metal. Actually i pretty much love all types of metal. I love Techno just as much. I listen to alot of 90's music. It would seem i like this stuff just because well i grew up in that era. And 80's was played all the time during the 90's so i like that as well. Classical is pretty good as well.

Books. Hmmm. This is where i should tell you i read all the time and that i love doing it. But in all honesty, The book has to be really really good. And i have to be intrigued. I do love reading. But I guess I am not a hardcore reader because I don't read everything.

I am some what of a jock in a way. But without all those attributes of one that is seen on TV. You see the ones on Tv are football players. My size is good for football. But its not for me. You see I have a huge Passion for running. It is something i am good at. It is just amazing. Enough said.

Right now i have had my heart stolen. But that is also a lie. You see, My heart was stolen by this special girl. But at the same time, I gave it to her. This young woman knows that I love her. And I know she loves me as well.
I Love You. And care for you more then anything.

I would like to tell everyone that I have one of the most amazing friends ever. I have never met her face to face. But one day that shall occur. I don't know if she knows how much i really care for her. I think she might know but i am not so sure if she does. But anyway. Carrie, XxUntouchablexX. I would like to say you are my best friend. You care so much about me, and try to look after me as much as you can. Thank you Carrie.

My Favorite Superhero is BATMAN.
But my favorite Villian would Be Carnage.
Just so you know.

I am done for now maybe some new stuff shall added.

Check these Motha Fuckin Pictures NUKKA
wan wan

( if you want to be one ask me)
My Sweatheart=[Just Alex.]
My little helper =[Kathryn♥]
My Number 1 =[Audio Science]
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My Bitch =[HellyWelly]
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My Devil =[Emo Gone Wild]
My Hottie = [your beloved mary jane]
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My Partners In Crime =[XXXStitchedXXX]
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My Daughter
My Fairy God Mother = [ Amanda; Darling™ ]
My Whore [Pinup_Princess]
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My Dirty talker = [Lilly.]
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And shepherds we shall be, for thee, my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine patrie, et fili, et spiritu sancti

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