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Audio Science (Loves our new place <3)

Member #44731 created: 2006-09-28 23:05:09Simple URL:   

Name: Caiti



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Sex-monsterCrazy kid

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So much has changed in the past year...
I find myself on here, trolling more than anything. Do I even have a life?
Hmmm.. My name is Caiti. I am 20 years old. In a few months I will be moving to Denver. I am dating the most wonderful man any girl could ask for. I am happy in life. I am going to school. I am bilingual, and over the years, I have come to terms that I am pretty much straight :p
I live in a small apartment in the city, but will be moving to my very own house really soon :D
I have a greyhound
A kitty who is shaved as a lion.

I am a total Nintendo fangirl. My boyfriend is a total Halo nerd but I'm like w/e :p
I'll still kick your ass in Mario Kart.

Hit me up, I'm a fun chick to talk to :)

childhood memories

You know, it really ticks me off


Box Office

foster mother


My boyfriend and our puppy Sprout

jordanderson1975: i went to pizza and then coffee with a friend. and then i went to his apartment to watch a little football. and then i shaved his back. and then he gave me a microwave. and then i came home.

My friends are better than your friends.

Is on Facebook more. Find me!!! Add me!!!

La di da di- We like to party :)

Gender: female

Place of living: USA-Colorado

Exact place of living: we get high here.

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishSpanish

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

adult popalternativeclassical
grungeheavy metalhip hop
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
catschasing the preferred sexcooking

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: unknown

Height: 81

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